Sunday, January 31, 2010

Month One Is Over And I Am In Shock!!

I seriously can't believe it. I came in under budget for the month. This is the least I've spent on clothes in any given month in YEARS! And I don't feel a bit deprived or like I'm missing something. I'm happy with every single one of my purchases. Here they are:

Calvin Klein Black knee-length puffer: $180
Phillip Lim top: $358
Seychelles Gypsy Platforms: $95
Lucky Cut-off Denim Shorts: $60

Total Spent: $693 which is $57 under my monthly budget.

I've also learned a lot about my own style. Most importantly that I am not as preppy/classic as I thought. I like color and fun, even some edgy designs. I've also learned what I have so I don't keep buying the same basics over and over again. I'm free to spend my money on wardrobe building pieces.

Starting tomorrow I have $750 to spend and a completely readjusted attitude on shopping. Yay!!!

PS - Sucks to see that my coat is $30 off now, but I needed it so I guess I can't complain. And, on the other hand the Phillip Lim top is sold out so you really can't wait for everything to go on sale.


  1. Luv the monthly reckoning with clothes and money, you did good!

  2. Just don't EVER wear those shoes, with those shorts. ha! Unless in Vegas maybe...jj

    -Kim V