Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pretty things.

Love sparkly costume jewelry! Wish I could keep a ton around just to play with.

- Fashion from my iPhone

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On the road.

This week will be a little different as I am traveling all week for work. I tried to pack stylishly, but not overpack which is hard. One of the things that keeps my suitcases under 1000 pounds is limiting myself on the shoes, so you'll only see two pairs this week. I'm also doing all the photos on my own with one of those grippy tripod things

I'm watching focus groups this week, so all of my outfits have to be somewhat professional, keep me warm in freezing office buildings and transition to dinner if need be. Here's today's outfit:

Kate Spade blouse($128, on sale)
Club Monoco cardigan ($150)
Banana Republic skirt ($60)
Cole Haan Bacara Ballet Flats ($138)

PS - Love me some skirts and dresses with pockets!!

Mark your calendars!

March 7th... Jean Paul Gaultier for Target arrives in store and online.

New Designer : Sretsis

New to me anyway. I'd never heard of Sretsis and their site seems to be defunct, but when you google them you get a lot of hits of celebs wearing this designer. Kim also has an owl print dress she posted on the Closet Case FB page that I just love. This dress had to make the blog because, well, I love a llama.

You can buy the line at a few online retailers and small boutiques. I must find out more about them. The pieces are really different to me. Worth looking at for a single standout piece to funk up your wardrobe.

Shop here, here, or here.

I'm sailing! I'm sailing!

I have to say I am loving my outfit here. The dress is new and was a bit of an impulse buy, but I'm so happy I bought it. It's Kate Spade and was marked down to $190 from $535!!! Total steal!

Since it's freezing I had to winterize and added the cardigan (The Limited,$50 ) pink tights (Hue, $9) and a pair of Corso Como cage heels that I bought last spring for around $200 if I remember correctly.

I got a LOT of compliments on this outfit and felt stylish all day, and I know before this blog I never would have bought the dress (too dressy, when would I wear it?) or mixed it with such a bold color (would have done matchy-matchy accessories). To me this outfit represents progress, and that is a great thing.

A note on Corso Como shoes - they are well made and really comfortable. It's a new brand to me, but I now have 2 pairs due to the comfort factor. The heels in htis outfit are 4" but never felt like it.

A note on my budget - This dress put me over by $28 bucks, but I was under by $54 last month so it all evens out. No more shopping for me til March!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hot Shoes!!!

Kim, wearing Loffler Randall platforms. HOT!

Anna Sui for Target Part 2

When I searched for the link for the Anna Sui Line for Target yesterday, I saw that I had the makings of an identical outfit to one in the lookbook so I thought that might be an interesting comparison. This is me, vs the model. She's obviously a bit skinnier, but I think it's a close approximation. Thoughts??

Anna Sui for Target Dress ($70); Black leggings ($30); Charles David boots ($250).

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I want this skirt!

Diane Von Furstenberg - pricey but precious. Afraid it might make my butt look big though.

Look out for busses Kim

Since Kim and I are about the same size and wear the same size shoes I may have to push her in front of a bus just to get her wardrobe. Kim, consider yourself warned.

Robert Rodriguez dress and Prada peep toe mary janes.

Check out this video and see why I dream in Prada.

Thanks Target!

Today's outfit features a designer piece from Target's brilliant design-to-the-people series. This one by Anna Sui was only $50 and has lots of detail. I try to get at least one piece from each of their collections. I bought a dress from this collection that I forgot about until now - I'll be pulling that one out soon.

This top is completely sheer so I layered it with a cami from The Limited. I have one of their camis in every color and use them all the time - they are a good wardrobe staple at about $30 each. The trouser jeans are Editor Pants from Express that I bought FIVE years ago. I think I paid $70 for them and they have truly earned a place in my closet. I used to wear them all the time, but they've been forgotten this year with my skinny jeans. (Master of the Obvious, at your service.) Shoes are my Miz Mooz purple wedges ($90) that I so love, but after seeing htis picture I realize they are about an inch too high for these pants.

Oh well....worse things have happened to better people. Don't think anyone's going to yell "floods" as I walk down the hallway between classes.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lotsa Cute for a Little Dough.

I can see this belt with so many outfits. And only $35 at The Limited. Steal!

Even Oprah is doing it!

Click here to read Oprah's 3 Closet Clogging Habits to break. Pretty basic rules, but ones that we need reminding of. # 2 is so me as the Banana Republic Junkie.

New York Style

Pick up your guide to Spring Fashion - on newsstands now.

Back from a long weekend!

It was a long weekend for many of us, and since I spent it sick, I also spent it in sweats. Nothing worth documenting. But today I am feeling a bit more alive and I'm back at work, wearing my latest purchase. I am a big fan of the silk blouse as a staple, vs a t-shirt or sweater. Just looks more polished in my opinion. I found this great little top on sale online from Kate Spade and snapped it right up. I paid $128, but it's now down to $75! The real treat came when it arrived in the mail. I had thought the print was flowers when I bought it, then it showed up and turned out to be little pink lips smoking cigarettes! What a fun twist on an otherwise conservative blouse. I love me some Kate Spade.

Since it's gross and snowy here (not the kind that sticks, more like fluffy rain) I paired it with my BR skinny jeans and black Naturalizer boots. We have a dry day on Thursday and I am am going to wear something really spunky to celebrate. I promise!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sad news....

Visionary British Designer, Alexander McQueen died yesterday at just 40 years old. His work was really edgy and inspiring. He'll be missed.

If you'd like one of his's a great source for sale items.
You can always get the classic McQueen skull scarf online at Bergdorf Goodman's.

Everything works here.

My friend Kim just has a knack for pulling stuff together. Today she rocked a Jovovich/Hawk dress with a wide gold leather and paillette belt and a chunky gold necklace. The casual boots (Chanel) and braids keep it from being too serious. A+ chica!

Side note - Kim told me that this dress was around $600 but Jovovich/Hawk ended up making a nearly identical one for Target at about 1/8 the price. Those Target designer pieces are worth checking out. And it's a good idea to look up some of the designer's full-price pieces before you shop their Target collection so you can grab the stuff that really relays that designer's style.

Jovovich/Hawk is out of business but you can great pieces on sale at various shopping sites.

Target doesn't have a designer collection at the moment, but I'm sure they will soon! I'll post when they do.

Pop of Color

If I had a nickel for every time I've heard or read that phrase I'd be a rich woman, but it really is a great style tip. Today I went all black but had some fun with the tights and shoes and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I would be confident wearing this anywhere - work, happy hour, dinner - so that's the sign of a winner to me!

Michael Stars Turtleneck ($80)
BR black pencil skirt ($70)
Ecookie necklaces ($200)
Cole Haan Hurache Peeptoes ($328)
Coach Enamel Bracelet ($78)

Michael Stars tops are worth the $$ because they NEVER fade and they hold their shape really well.
Cole Haan Shoes are also worth the price. With Nike Air technology they are always the most wearable heels in my closet.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dressing your age - the age old dilemma.

I thought Madonna was an appropriate photo to launch this topic, since she almost never dresses 50. So yesterday, I got a comment that a reader thought I was "too old for this look". Now first let me say that ALL COMMENTS ARE WELCOME. It is absolutely ok to post your opinion if you don't like something. I want that kind of feedback. As long at you're not rude and don't call me names - which this poster didn't - it's a-okay with me. It's the whole point actually.

After taking another hard look at the outfit in question, I have to respectfully disagree. I'm only 36, and I live in Manhattan. Nothing was too short or too tight or too trendy - the three hallmarks of Forever 21. But I do recognize that I am getting older (3 years to 40 people!) and my wardrobe will change over the next few years as well.

I did some research and found this great article on with style tips for all ages. What I like about it is that there's no specific "no shorts over 40"...but great ideas on how to work with current trends and your own personal style.

For me, I just try to shop in places that are geared towards people my age and keep an eye on what women my age are wearing on TV and in Fashion. Heidi Klum is a favorite of mine to watch. She has great style but knows how to be casual too.

I'd love to hear YOUR thoughts on this issue. What do you feel you're too old to wear? How has your style changed over the years? Who are your style icons?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Holy Hotness Batman!

Neutral shoes were on all of the runways at the spring shows and now they are popping up in stores everywhere. I find them to be a little ho-hum (except for nude patent which is somehow chic and sinful at the same time) but these babies really got my attention.

Yellow suede + nude patent = amazing! This is a really unique take on the trend, and for a mere $700, these hot-to-trot Fendi's can be yours.


That's the sound of my monthly budget being zapped by 33%. I saw these Tory Burch Sally Wedges online and really fell in love. They came in the mail today and when I opened the box I knew they were a keeper. The leather is buttery soft so no blisters and the navy and wood create such a great neutral I know I will live in these this spring/summer. Can't wait to wear them! Will work with tights too when it's dry enough to rock the open toe.

AMAZING Jacket on Sale

This French Connection jacket is on sale online at Bloomingdale's and I think it's a great deal. This jacket shape is super hot right now. The white makes it fun for evening wear, and is also light enough you can wear it in the spring with your day wear too. It's a chic take on the boyfriend blazer trend and is the kind of piece you could wear a million different ways.

Snap it up while you can! Only $200!

January Hindsight

I wanted to take a look at ALL of my January outfits at one time, to see if I could pick out any habits that were working, or not working. IT goes without saying that I rely on my skinny jeans way too much. I also feel like I could use some more color. It's a little muted. I don't have to be as grey as the weather.

Would LOVE any thoughts my readers have on my overall look. Suggestions? Comments? Bring 'em on!

Inspired by my readers!

Today when I was getting dressed I reached for an old standby outfit that I've worn a million times. As I threw the potato sack on, I knew it would make a disappointing photo. So I found myself trying a new belt, then a different top, then changing my boots. I ended up shopping my closet and coming up with an outfit I've never worn before. I even got a compliment from my gay dermatologist. Doesn't get better than that!

Dress, Ann Taylor ($49 on sale)
Tissue Turtleneck. J. Crew ($38)
Seven Skinny Jeans ($198)
Charles David Boots ($250)
BR Equestrian Belt ($48)

Shopping my closet is fun. Not as fun as shopping in Bergdorf's closet, but still, fun.

I wonder what I'll come up with for tomorrow for the "Great Storm of '10" Wish me luck!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday - for Theresa

In honor of my friend Theresa, who asked me a week or so ago about mixing patterns, I decided to do that today. The vest and blouse are in the same color scheme but totally different patters and it worked pretty well. I actually got a couple of compliments on the pattern mixing. Not expecting people to notice.

Blouse ($160, Club Monaco)
Vest ($60, Lux at Urban Outfitters)
Skinny Jeans (Again!!!)
Naturalizer Boots (Again)

One of the things I've really been trying to not wear the same thing every day. It's hard though, I obviously rely on my skinny jeans waaaaaay too much. But I'm mixing up the tops at least.

Still craving new stuff, but I have somethine on the way from Kate Spade so hopefully that will scratch the itch. We'll see.

Saturday Night

Had a lovely dinner party to go to tonight and want to look nice. Here I am, loving my new boots again.

Burgundy Sweater Dress: ($100, Macy's 2 years ago)
Navy Tights
Gold necklaces from ecookie ($200).
Nine West boots ($50, Piperlime)

I'm liking this look. Casual but thought out. Dinner party was great - thanks Abby and Jay!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Congratulations to Allison - Closet Case's 100th Fan

Thanks to Allison Lott Gilbert for becoming Closet Case's 100th fan on Facebook. As a thank you, I've sent her a gift subscription to Lucky Magazine, the shopping magazine.

Suggest the site to your friends and they might win too!

Cozy on a Cold Friday

Today began with my dog's breakfast exploding in my microwave. Needless to say, it was not a great start and took some time to clean up so I didn't really want to spend a ton of time picking out an outfit. Lucky for me, I bought something yesterday so I didn't have to!

I got this cowl neck paneled sweater at the boutique near my work, Yamak. They always have interesting stuff - cool patterns and fabrics and stuff you won't find everywhere. This top is so soft and cozy and the panels add some interest and a bit of a utilitarian look which is kind of in right now a la Helmut Lang.

Paneled sweater (Annie C, $68)
Dark wash skinny jeans (BR, $89)
Black flat boots with buckle detail (Charles David, $250)

So at only $68 this top was a steal in my opinion with the amount of detail involved. That means I still have $632 left to spend this month! I may stop by Kate Spade tomorrow after Pilates. There should be some stuff on sale from Fall/Winter.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Yay Suede Boots!

The weather forecast predicts sunny skies so the suede boots get their first wear today. These are the Nine West pair I was contemplating last month. I am SO glad I bought them. They are remarkably comfy, have a nice western-y look with out going cowboy overboard, and they were only $50!

I'm liking my outfit today, if I do say so myself!
Seven Skinny Jeans ($198).
Nine West Boots (Piperlime, $50).
Lux Tunic (Urban Outfitters, $58).
Tweed blazer (Urban Outfitters $80).
Brooch was my grandmother's (priceless).

With the boot purchase, I've only used up a tiny bit of my monthly budget so I still have $700 to spend. Thinking tops are what I need. Suggestions always welcome!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This is a Plaid DO!

Love love love this totally different take on the plaid trend. It's by Pollini and is (most unfortunately) $625 at Neiman Marcus. That's more than I want to pay for a top, but I will be watching it to see if it goes on sale.

The nice thing about this plaid is the versatility. It can dress up or down, and throw a cardigan on and it's seasonless.

Thanks For Snowing On My Parade.

Last night I had a whole new outfit planned…then I woke up to snow. Why doesn’t Mother Nature want me to wear suede boots? It’s kind of bitchy of her, if you ask me. So, had to come up with something else and quick. The obvious choice for me would have involved some skinny jeans and a pair of boots, but I just cannot put those on again. I wore that combo for at least half of January.

Here’s where I ended up:

Joe’s Jeans, Muse fit ($158)
Black/grey sweater from The Limited ($60)
Black pashmina ($50)
Brooch I bought in 1993 ($ no idea)
Macy's Alfani Striped Wedges ($120)

These jeans are great – I love the fit, but they require 3-inch heels so they mostly come out in night. I’m okay with this outfit, but it’s still not totally doing it for me. Feels a little ho-hum. Or maybe I’m just being overly critical now that I have to analyze my outfit everyday.

I’m jonesing for some cool tops with patterns and color. All my tops are so basic. Must shop soon!

If you see any cute tops – post on my FB page. I need suggestions!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cute...or Cutesy?

This hat is on sale at for $67. May be a bit too whimsical for me. Thoughts?

My version of the Texas Tuxedo

Had the hardest time picking an outfit this morning, and this is where I ended up. It's as close to the head-to-toe denim look as this cowgirl is going to get. I'm still trying to put together new clothing combos from my existing wardrobe and, while I'm not sure I've ever worn this before, I know it's not that adventurous.

BCBG navy silk sleeved sweater ($138)
Old Navy Denim Skirt ($24)
Bronx Boots ($150)
Gold layered necklaces from ecookie ($200)
Coach Enamel Bracelet ($78)

I'm a little bored with this. I think it's time to go shopping!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Mad for Plaid? I dunno about this one.

I hope you like plaid's EVERYWHERE these days.
Free People, Vince and Theory shown above.

January's Junk

As promised January 1, the end of each month will see 5 items leave my overcrowded closet.

This month was kind of easy, since I've learned so much. I am moving away from the classic/preppy looks so those 2 sweater vests were a no brainer. The skirt is a brown silk, cut on the bias and looks terrible on me so out it went. The brown plaidish thing that defies identification? It's some sort of wrap top that I wore over a brown turtleneck. A shapeless thing that brings Sherlock Holmes to mind...gone. And the black tie neck halter was cheaply made and never fit quite right.

All gone, none of it will be missed! But it was too easy...maybe I needed to get rid of more???

Today's Outfit: Blackalicious!

Normally, I would feel bad about wearing so much black, but here in the Big Apple it's totally acceptable - especially in the winter. As long as I don't turn into those guys at Jeffery's, Ithink I'm ok.

Here's my kit: black Boyfriend V-neck (Victoria's Secret, $49); Faux-Lace tulip skirt (Banana Republic, $95); Black patent Bacara ballet flats (Cole Haan, $138).

It's not a spectacular outfit, but it's cute and comfortable. I think I look nice...for a Monday.

Challenge #4: Edit, Edit, Edit

As we all discovered early on in this blog, I have way too much shit in my closet. Since the weather's been cold, I've noticed that I still rarely wear pullover sweaters. And yet, I have 20 of them. That means I could wear one every work day for a month and never repeat. Which would be cool, if I liked sweaters that much. But I don't and I honestly wear them about 2-3 times a month.

So the bottom line is, I don't need 20 sweaters. So I challenged my self to edit my collection down to 10. Cut it in half and donate 10 sweaters. It's cold outside; someone in New York could use those sweaters.

I thought it would be easy, but it wasn't. I kept pulling sweaters out of the donate file thinking..."what if I want to wear this with X outfit?" or "But this would be so cute with Y outfit!". Still some of these sweaters haven't been worn in a year. Why is it so hard to let go of clothes I'm not even using? It took me an hour to do this. Kinda ridiculous, no?

So I'm down to the 10 sweaters I think I'll wear the most (pile on the left) and put the rest in the donate pile (on the right). As soon as they went into the IKEA bag I'm schlepping to the Salvation Army this weekend I didn't miss them at all. It's like they were never there. To be honest, I'd be hard pressed to describe the 10 I gave away, and I just did this challenge last night.

So what is it about letting go to stuff I don't need, and sometimes don't even like? I know I'm not alone in this dilemma or The Container Store would not do such a robust business.

What would be hard for you to give up? Heaven knows I dread going through my shoe collection!