Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What are you doing New Year's Eve?

Whatever it is, may I suggest you do it in this 3.1 Phillip Lim jaw-dropper that's on sale for only $272. It's a Look-At-Me color in a Modern Mad Men cut. What's not to love?

Get it before it's gone right here!

Baby's First Fedora

I am generally not a trendy person. I'd describe my look as more classic with some edge (or at least trying to be) and I hate to buy stuff that will go out of style with the season. I'm sure you've seen fedoras EVERYWHERE because lord knows I have, and I've been trying to fight it.

However - while strolling through Nolita this weekend I stumbled upon this unique gem from a street vendor specializing in hats. The top is wool lace, it has a fabric band and a tweed brim. I've never seen another like it. I also thought the material would take it into fall and winter. I didn't want to get a straw one and put it away in 30 days. I really like it, but it definitely tested my confidence walking around with it this morning. I kept worrying that I looked stupid, but that's stupid. This is New York, I can get away with (fashion) murder.

Would love any and all opinions on this trend and this hat.

Right now I'm going to put it on and head to lunch. Eek!


Okay...I know the Chinos have caused hot debate on this site in the past, but I think I have finally learned how to make them work. I really like my outfit today. The colors feel on trend for "Camo" and it just feels put together. You may also notice I am trying to rock a fedora. It's my first and will get it's own post, but would love your opinions.

Chinos:Banana Republic, $60
Top: Mossimo for Target,$20
Sandals: Steve Madden, $60
Fedora: Street Vendor, $40

See my previous Chino attempts here and here.

Monday - Evening for Day.

Took Saturday's top and tried to re-do it for day. Added a gold belt and went with brown shoes. Also tried a different shape of jean. These bootcut seem to balance the top better, but I think the top is pretty blousy, so it's always going to me look a little fuller. I still love it though, and people do compliment it so I'm glad I bought it.

Purple Top: Anthropologie, $58
Jeans: Hudson, $176
Gold Belt: Express, $15
Brown Kitten Heels: Frye, $168

I have to say, I only made a few changes, but I think it looks much better than the way I styled it Saturday. What Do you think?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Polka Dots!!!

This dress is one of my new Anthropologie purchases and I have ZERO buyer's remorse. I love it. It's so me, I feel great today. And with the classic/retro shape it'll never be "out". Added pops of color - cardigan is just for my freezing office - but think it would look classy with all black elements too. Winner!!!

Anthropologie Polka Dot Dress, $258
Marc Jacobs Green Suede Kitten Heels, $250 on sale
Ann Taylor Cardigan, $58

Happy Day - Happy Outfit!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Today was a rainy ass day

I still tried not to totally phone it in, even though I just wanted to throw on a trash bag and some wellies and call it a day.

Hudson Jeans,$176
BCBG Sweater, $138
Cole Haan Ballets, $138
Silence + Noise Blazer, $80

Tried a new pose on the couch, which makes this outfit 17% cuter, in my humble opinion.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

If I had a million dollars....

I would live in Louis Vuitton.

Feels like Fall Today.

With grey skies and a high of only 69, I pulled out the jeans today. Simple outfit, but flattering and cute in my opinion. My favorite part is the gold necklace I got at Banana Republic. They really rock it on the costume jewelry,

Tunic: Kimichi Blue at Urban Outfitters,$78 HA - they say it's a dress!
Layering Tank: The Limited, $25
Skinny Jeans, Banana Republic, $80
Necklace, Banana Republic, $50
Ballet Flats: Cole Haan, $138

I'm hoping it will warm up this week so I can show off some of my new Anthropologie purchases!!!

My dream Look for Fall - Courtesy of Michael Kors

Monday - Boring

This is an old photo but i's exactly what I wore yesterday and I had no one to take the photo. This dress MUST get hemmed!!! On my to do list. Still cute and has gotten a lot of mileage considering how cheap it was at Target.

Dress: Merona at Target: $40
Heels: Marc Jacobs, $298
Scarf: Hermes, $98
Bag: Michael Kors, $168

Mondays always suck.

Going out!

Last Friday, on my way home from work, I stopped at Anthropologie and shopped without regard to anything! I have to say - after months of restraint it felt pretty good. I'm very happy with all of the pieces I got, and this top is one of them. I wore this out Saturday night and felt pretty good if I do say so myself. I will say though, upon seeing this photo, that the skinny jeans may not have been the best way to go. Boot cut might have made a better (and by better I mean less like I have a giant ass) silhouette. Still - love the color, love the cut and happy I bought it.

Top: Anthropologie, $58
Skinny Jeans: Banana Republic, $80
Gold Shoes: Cole Haan, $328
Purse: BCBG, $49 (on sale)

Butt size aside, I still got chatted up so this outfit is probably a winner. What do you think?

Last Friday - Plaid anyone?

Plaid is a big trend, but I'm having a hard time with it since I rocked it the first time in the 90s. Frankly, it just makes me feel old. this top is more of a cute summer check than a true plaid, so I'm ok with it. I ended up liking my look this day - felt summery and cute!

Plaid Shirt: Urban Outfitters, $40
White Skirt, Banana Republic, $38 on sale
White Flips, Banana Republic, $65? - bought a few years ago.

I have to say - I LOVE pockets on a skirt or dress, even though they can make you look hippy.

Friday, August 20, 2010

If I ever get married again...

I will wear something non-traditional and gorgeous like this dress from BCBG Max Azria.

I've been fighting the clog trend....

But these are Oh SO Cute. $130 at Haus of Banana.

Tuesday's Dress - Stay or Go?

This dress came super close to going in the "toss" pile. It's cute, but somehow it feels too much? Like a goth swiss miss, or a maid in cancun? I never quite know if the pattern is too overwhelming. Well, I gave it one last shot and got lots of compliments - from "cute dress" to "you look skinny." So, maybe it is a keeper? What do you guys think?

The shoes were a last resort - at this point I still have not found black wedges to wear to work and I REALLY did not like wearing flats with this. I WILL find wedges this week. It's getting ridiculous.

Dress, $250 by BCBG
Sandals, $80 by Banana Republic.

Monday the 16th - horrible pic!

In an effort to be more consistent with my postings, I'm trying to take my Pictures in the morning with a tripod instead of relying on someone to be available when I get to work. Unfortunately - the lighting was sooo bad. I tried to brighten it in iPhoto, but I'm not a professional, so bear with me.

Anyhoooooo....I put this combo together and ended up feeling pretty comfortable in it. It was cute and easy and didn't feel sloppy for a last minute outfit. I think I'll be wearing this again.

Mossimo Tunic, $30 at Target
Black stretch Tank, $20 at the Limited
Black Capris, $90 at Banana Republic
Bacara Flats, $138 at Cole Haan

July Donations

I have to be straight with you people. this is getting really hard! I only bought one item in July and dumping FIVE was difficult. Part of it is that I STILL haven't lost those 5-10 pounds, so I'm hoping to get back in to a lot of my unwearable stuff. The other part of it is that I feel like I've eliminated a lot, but haven't found great replacements. I've been out of shopping mode but fall styles are here so I'm going ot get back on it and get some nice pieces. Here are the rejects:

Floral strapless dress from the Limited - never worn and have another just like it in a better pattern.
White silk blouse with black applique from Urban Outfitters - I like this top but in every photo I've taken of it it is UNflattering.
Purple Banana Republic dress - hard to see here but just feels so not special.
Black Banana Republic Tank - gives my stomach rolls. No Gracias!
Cute striped Tee from Fred Segal - I love this shirt but it is waaaaay too tight and makes me look rolly. Of course the label says One size fits all because I got it in LA where everyone weighs 90 lbs.

Next month - which is almost here - will be painful. But I'll still do it!

Thursday August 12th - Amazing Accessory

Today I decided to pull out my same old BCBG art print dress and since I've worn it sooo many times I felt I needed a new accessory. So, here's Paddy, my 8 month old toy poodle. Pickles, my 6 year old Corgi is in the background, but she is far too big to be held.

Felt boring in the dress but then got 5 compliments on it which reminded me that just because I wear it a lot, that doesn't mean people know it.

BCBG dress:$178
Tory Burch wedges: $288
Toy Poodle: $250 in adoption fees from Animal Haven.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Banana Tuesday

I had no idea until I got to work and started editing the photo that I was wearing head to to Banana Republic on Tuesday. LOL - there really is TOO much of it in my closet.

I liked this though - thought it was cute. Not sure if it's fashionable though. Maybe just OK.

Silk Top, $58
White Linen Skirt, $35 on sale
Gold Sandals, $79

ALL Banana Republic

Any opinions on the shirt? I feel like I'm liking this one again!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday's Summer Dress

I slept in an extra 45 minutes this morning so I new it would be a summer dress day. Doesn't require too much though and is comfy and cute. Plus that extra 45 minutes was sooooo worth it.

Today I'm wearing a dress I picked up last summer at Urban Outfitters for $90. It's still cute and graphic, but I think that color block is on it's way out. This may be my last summer in this dress. Simple gladiators (Enzo Angiolini, $69) complete the outfit and I grabbed my black cardigan from The Limited ($50) for a cover up in my freezing office. Hope it doesn't look too frumpy like last time.

What do you think...should I retire the color block?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday: This was almost a donate!

I'm so glad I pulled this dress out of the closet today. The last time I considered wearing this was to a Fourth of July party but I put it on and felt frumpy. Today I promised to try something new so I put it on and was determined to let my readers decide.

Well, I got my first compliment within 5 minutes of walking out the door from a chic woman walking her dog on the street. Followed by several compliments from folks at work. I guess it doesn't look frumpy after all. This will definitely stay in my closet and out of the Goodwill pile. The best part of all - I got it at Target! Gotta love that place!

Converse for Target dip dye dress, $30
Blue Leather Wedges: Tory Burch, $288 - They are $265 now

What do you think? Is this a keeper?

Tuesday: Sticking with what works.

This has not been a week of grand experimentation in my outfits, so maybe I need to push myself next week. On the other hand, I'm practicing being kinder to myself so I'm not going to beat myself up over it - tomorrow's a new day!

Still - I always think this one's cute! It's very "me".

Banana Republic skirt ($60)
Kate Spade blouse ($128 on sale)
Cole Haan Bacara Flats ($138)

Tomorrow I will try something new!

Monday: August Begins!

I swear this dress is one of my best purchases this year. You can throw it on in 2 seconds and look polished and cute, but it's as comfortable as Pajamas. After my trip to Austin this last weekend, I was not up for a big creative closet moment Monday morning so I just pulled this out. Got a few compliments to boot. I am going to invest in a few more of these just to preserve morning peace of mind.

Cherry Jersey Dress: Tory Burch $395 - It's on sale now for $197 if you want to scoop one up!
Blue Leather Wedges: Also Tory Burch, $288 - Oddly they are $265 now, but not on sale.

Thanks Tory!

July Purchases

Yep - you are looking at the right picture. I only bought ONE THING in July. A striped t-shirt for $35 at French Connection.

I was pretty shocked myself, and was wondering how I went from an average of $1000+ last year to $35 this year. I think part of it is the weight gain (who wants to shop when nothing fits?); part of it was the weather (who wants to shop when it's so hot outside that wearing clothes feels like some bizarre form of torture?); but I also think part of it was the fact that I've learned not to shop just for the sake of shopping.

Nothing really caught my eye in July. It's sort of mid season before the fall clothes come out and I don't need any more summer clothes so I just didn't even find myself looking. I'm really happy about this turn of events, and I'm not rolling over the extra $715 of my budget to August - just putting it into savings.

Castoffs will go up tomorrow - it's getting harder!!