Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nothing matches...and it's a good thing!

Occasionally, I like to try and pick out an outfit that deliberately doesn't have any matching components, but just lives int he same color palette. I really like where I ended up today. Striped tees are pretty in right now, and this one is cream with gray stripes. Skirt is navy, belt is brown, shoes are eggplant, and purse is purple patent leather.

I feel like it looks a little more interesting than a perfectly matched outfit. Keep in mind I was raised in an era where sweaters at Express came with matching socks, so this is a hard habit to break.

What do you think?

Striped Tee: French Connection, $35
Navy Skirt: Banana Republic, $60
Brown Belt: Banana Republic, $35 on sale
Eggplant Wedges: Miz Mooz$90
Purple Tote: Michael Kors, $198

Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Monday

Today the heat has let up a little bit and I decided to walk to work so my outfit had to include comfy shoes. I decided on my Trina Turk Silk Chiffon frock. I normally only wear this out to dinner and such, but thought the flats could make it work for day too.

Unfortunately, since it's 30 degrees colder in my office than outside, I had to bring the pink cardigan which really frumps it up. But I can't freeze for fashion - sorry!

Trina Turk dot dress, $400
Ann Taylor jewel button cardigan, $50
Cole Haan Bacara flats, $138 (boy am I getting my money's worth out of these!!)

Can't wait to get out at lunch and walk around, sans cardigan!

PS - Down 1.5 lbs in a week. I'm on my way to fitting into my clothes again!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

June Purchases = Ironic

June was a cheap month for me. I spent less than $300, which is less than half my "budget". Great, right? Um...no.

Unwittingly though, I went right back to the Banana Republic well! That's the ONLY place I shopped in June. And, to add insult to injury - the pants and the dress don't even fit due to my weight gain. It's been over 30 days so I can't return them and neither have ever been worn.

Seriously, you would think that six months into this project I'd have more sense.

BR Linen Tie Waist Skirt, $36.51 on sale
BR Linen Dress, $74.91 on sale
BR Weekend chinos in navy, $57 on sale
BR Linen Tote, $33.69 on sale

JUNE TOTAL: $202.11

All Items available at Banana Frickin' Republic.

June Donations

June Donations went the way most of them have been going lately, not easy but still necessary. Now I'm focusing on stuff that I may like, but that isn't flattering or I just don't wear.

White H&M Skirt, $20: Doesn't fit anymore (but what does?) and is not as cute as the white linen skirt I have now.

Patterned Mossimo Dotton Dress, $20: Just looks to young for me and a little bit cheap to boot.

Silk Paisley Banana Republic Dress, $80: Put this on a few weeks back and it was so unflattering and comfortable I'm a bit shocked I ever wore it.

Lavender BCBG Cap-Sleeved Top, $120: I've gotten a lot of wear out of this top over the last few years, but when I tried on on in June it felt silly. Like the babydoll cut and the giant buttons made me look like a kid. I got my money's worth out of this so I'm ok to see it go.

Green Silk Banana Republic Tank/Tunic, $50?: I remember buying this on sale and wishing it was in a darker color to work with my skin tone. Why did I still buy it? I have no idea. I've worn this a few times now, but I don't love it or love myself in it, so sayonara!

Still intrigued by the six items or less project. I may try to focus on one category next time to get my five pieces. That's a challenge for sure.

Crazy Experiment

Read about this the other day. A website is challenging people to choose SIX items from their closet and only wear those for 30 days.

Wow! I can't imagine doing that, but people seem to find it very freeing, and surprisingly, not many people in their lives notice. Maybe I could get down to six of each item...six blouses, six skirts, etc. Sounds impossible, but maybe it'd be great. Check out the site.


Depressing Morning - Okay Outfit

Today sucked. I spent an HOUR attempting to find something to wear this morning. None of my cute shorts or capris from last year fit at all. Not even close. I thought I had only gained 5 pounds but I feel like it may be more like 10. I'm smart enough not to try some stupid cleanse or fad diet. I know it's just counting calories and exercising and consistency and patience. Booo.

So, here's where I landed,

Black Capris (Banana Republic, $80)
Black Tank (Banana Republic, $30)
Cotton Blouse (Victoria's Secret Catalog, $45)
Air Bacarra Ballets (Cole Haan, $138)

Feel a little like Lucy Arnez when they moved to the country, no?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The heat wave continues...

Still struggling to find outfits that beat the heat and look cute. This one (I hope) looks better than the photograph. Not my most flattering pose and the hair, ruined by the humidity, is up and messy. Still love this linen skirt though.

White Linen Skirt (Banana Republic, $35 on sale)
Printed Tunic (Urban Outfitters,$58 )
Brown Leather Kitten Heels (Frye,$168)

I think it's going to rain later so I'm going to look really great around 7pm.

Yay me.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Today's Outfit

Like I said...it's hot. Today I pulled out this Club Monaco skirt ($125) that is very forgiving in the waistline so it still fits. Paired it with a simple Banana Republic stretch tee ($$35) and my old Enzo Angiolini gladiators ($69) it makes a pretty simple outfit.

Fashionable? I don't know. I feel like I'm doing better than the girls in cut-off jean shorts, but don't feel as sophisticated and put-together as I'd like.


I've Been a BAD Blogger. : (

I would say I deserve a Time Out, but I've basically taken one for the last few weeks. I had a few things going on in my personal life that derailed me, but fashion-wise it hasn't been a very inspiring July either fro 2 reasons.

First, In the last 2 months or so I have packed on 5-7 pounds. Enough so that some things don't fit, and the things that do fit, barely fit. A lot of my cuter clothes are uncomfortable and look too tight to wear. I usually keep my weight around the same number and use my clothes as a guide, so I know it's time to get back on top of it. Yesterday I began my 2 week jumpstart. Cutting calories, hitting the gym and not drinking. It's going to be hard, but having a closet full of clothes I can't wear is 0.0 fun. Using the iphone app LoseIt and it's fun to play with.

Second, the weather in New York has been miserable. 90+ degrees and humid as hell. All I want to wear is a loose cotton sack, which is not very fashionable. And since we don't have malls here (and the air conditioning that goes with them) shopping is off my radar for now.

BUT...the point is to chronicle what I wear every day and I will get back on the horse. It will be a challenge to find outfits that fit, aren't too hot AND are fashionable, but I started the blog to challenge myself so I need to keep at it.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Thursday is my Casual Friday This Week

Today is my last day in the office before the four day weekend (woohoo) so I went pretty casual. Still tried to wear a nice top but I am really low on blouses. That is ALL I should buy in July!

Hudson Jeans, $172
Gap Basics tank, $15
Anthropologie jacket,$135
Cole Haan Bacara flats, $138

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