Thursday, July 22, 2010

June Purchases = Ironic

June was a cheap month for me. I spent less than $300, which is less than half my "budget". Great, right?

Unwittingly though, I went right back to the Banana Republic well! That's the ONLY place I shopped in June. And, to add insult to injury - the pants and the dress don't even fit due to my weight gain. It's been over 30 days so I can't return them and neither have ever been worn.

Seriously, you would think that six months into this project I'd have more sense.

BR Linen Tie Waist Skirt, $36.51 on sale
BR Linen Dress, $74.91 on sale
BR Weekend chinos in navy, $57 on sale
BR Linen Tote, $33.69 on sale

JUNE TOTAL: $202.11

All Items available at Banana Frickin' Republic.


  1. There are far worse things than spending $200 at Banana Republic, like spending $200 at Old Navy. Just saying.

  2. Okay, you need to go on a BR diet. Consider July's donations--can all 5 items be from BR? The shorts and the dress are cute, but I'm sure you could have found a better white skirt that you would love longer.

    Also, you bought Chinos. After your last chino purchase, how do you feel about these new one?

  3. I think you should ban BR for at least 4 months. I don't think any of your purchases are special at all. Am surprised at the chinos....