Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Hour

This is me at my local, Destination on 13th and A. Today to celebrate being back in NYC I opted for all black. Shirt is Trina Turk stretch cotton with white stitching ($160), skirt is Banana Republic silk chiffon ($75), orange shoes are (surprisingly) Aerosoles ($79). I like this look. I feel New Yorky, which is when i feel my best! Thanks Kim for the great picture!

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Business Meeting

Had a client meeting today and needed to be conservative and professional. This blue faux wrap dress by Merona (Target, $40) has done me well over the years. Looking at this picture though I'm wondering if it wouldn't benefit from a slightly shorter hem. What are the rules on hems anyway? I think "they" say just above the knee is the most flattering. I'll have. To look into that.

Added a pop of color with my green, two-tone Marc Jacobs heels ($298). Tried to make my ponytail more professional by wrapping it in an Hermes Twilly scarf ($98).

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Did I Eat A Wild Boar? Am I About to Give Birth?

Tried to do something different today and just ended up looking F.A.T. Ugh.
Full skirt + Full top = Full figured. I really should have known better. Cest la vie, noting I can do about it now.

Ann Taylor Cardigan, $58
Kimichi Blue Embroidered silk Tunic, $80
Banana Republic pocket skirt, $68
Cole Haan Bacara Flats, $138

A sleek black fitted tee tucked in with a colorful belt would have saved me from this disaster.

Can't win them all! Even though I want to.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday's dress.

Today's dress is another easy cotton number to beat the heat. This black dress is by Kimichi Blue and I got it at Urban Outfitters last year for around $80. Shoes are my Enzo Angiolini Gladiators, $89,

I LOVE this dress. It's modest and comfortable, and the neck and sleeves have a little retro flair. Coincidentally, Kim has this dress too.

Yay - Weekend!

Band Of Boys

Kim's dress is by Band of Boys - super cute with the saddle shoes.

Confetti Hat

Kim's Confetti Hat from Barbara Fineman Millinery. Loves it!

Super Cute Suit

I love me a retro swimsuit. Saw this in the window of Old Hollywood at the Limelight Marketplace. Toooooo cute!

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PS. Limelight is a new fave of mine. Interesting mini-boutiques, bars and cafes and it's in a gorgeous old church. If you're in New York - it's a must see, and shop!

Don't need, but want

Flip flops from Hunter with a big H on them. $198 is just too much for flops for me. Especially since mine always take a beating on the streets of NYC!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tried to do a High-Low

Basically the High Low is taking a super basic piece of clothing - in this case the low priced Grey Tee (Gap, $25) and mix it with higher cost pieces - linen skirt and jewelry, colorful shoes.

I like it - I think it works. But I'm actually not wearing anything technically "High"

Skirt (Banana Republic, $35 on sale.)
Heels (Seychelles, $95)
Lovely stone necklace that was a gift...
Cartier Roadster watch - ok - that's high.

What do you think? Have you ever tried a High-Low look?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Easy Monday.

Hot as hell here in NYC so I just slipped on this Banana Republic sheath dress ($129) that I had shortened so I'd get more wear out of it. Probably a year old. Black gladiators are Enzo Angiolini and were $80 last year.

Simple and cute I think. I like this animal print.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Costumey...not cute.

I was trying to be adventurous today, but I think it's a fail. Somehow it all just looks a little too costumey and not like something a real person wears. Or certainly not a stylish person. Oh well, I tried.

Black Capri's (Banana Republic, $90)
Black Tank (The Limited, $30)
Black Ballet Flats (Cole Haan, $138)
Silk Tunic (Kimichi Blue, $80)
Pink Obi Belt (Express, $40)

What's worn is worn - I'll try again tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shopping My Closet

This morning I had a little time to get ready (it's amazing what getting up on time can do for your morning) so I decided to shop my closet a little. I'm not sure I LOVE what I came up with but I think it's kinda cute and at least I'm trying new things, and hopefully learning.

Green Tank...unknown source, probably $20?
White Stretch Tee (Banana Republic, $30)
Double Belt (Banana Republic, $40)
Skinny Jeans (Banana Republic, $80)
Leopard peep toes (Steve Madden, $125)

This is how much Banana I have - I shop my closet and THREE items are from there. That store will haunt me forever!

Any thoughts on my outfit? Feedback is critical when I experiment - need to know if I got it right or wrong.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Third Chino Attempt...maybe the last???

I have been trying to make these chinos work but I'm not sure I ever will. So far I think this is my best attempt, but don't know if it's a chic as I want to be. My first attempt was too layered and my second attempt was just sloppy and unflatterning.

Kim, who photographed me today, likes this look. What do you think?

Skinny chinos (Banana Republic, $60)
White Tee (Ann Taylor, $35)
Cashmere Cardigan ($175), gold sandals ($79), Gold necklace ($60) all Banana Republic.
Hermes belt ($585)
Kate Spade bag ($495)

So let me know if these chinos are working, or if they need to go to June's Donation pile.

Saturday - Day to Night

It was hot this Saturday and I needed a look that would keep me cool and go from doing errands in SOHO to meeting friends in Tribeca for massages and dinner, then possibly hitting a party or a bar. Tall order for one outfit, but I pulled this dress from the back of my closet and was happy with the choice.

I remember buying this dress last summer - my first in New York - it was on major sale at Banana Republic. I think I paid $30 for it? I was here and excited that summer had arrived, and was already noticing that New Yorkers dress to stand out, not to blend in. This was my first dive into a bold pattern. I still like this dress. It's comfy and the pattern hides any bumps and bulges.

Worn with my Banana sandals ($79) and my Kate Spade bag ($495).

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wow - amazing.

I'm just realizing that the month is almost half over and I've spent ZERO dollars on clothing.

If this blog does nothing but cure me of my terrible impulse shopping habit it will be $100% worth it!!!

Suze would be so proud!

A Splurge and A Steal

So, if I was loaded I'd totally buy the Thakoon dress for a whopping $2,700.

But I'm not, so what about this sexy/chic LaRok Jumper on sale for $229??

Both at Shopbop.

What do you think?

Speaking of Hats...

Eugenia Kim for Target is fantastic and cheap...but if you have a bigger budget or an event you need to look fabulous for, these hats are nothing short of AMAZING!

Barbara Feinman Millinery

Thanks to my dear Kim, who showed me this site in the first place.

Friday, June 11, 2010


I am a very lucky girl. A friend of mine in the fashion industry GIFTED me with this lovely DKNY romper (retail $295, but on sale at for $209) and I am thrilled. I've been wanting to try a romper but have been scared to throw down the cash for what may be a trend. This one is great for so many reasons... 1) it's red and I never buy red so this is a great way to try it 2) it's silk, so it draped like a dress 3) the pattern distracts from any bumps or bulges.

Since the pattern is so bold, I went with simple gold sandals (Banana Republic, $79), minimal jewelry, and my LV Manhattan bag ($1690) which goes with anything but the tan elements really compliments the tan in the romper.

I'm really liking this look....what do you think???

Thursday, June 10, 2010

May Purchases

This month really surprised me. At first, I was very hesitant to shop and bought nothing until the middle of May. Then there were a few random purchases that I wasn't really thinking about, plus the faux Louboutin's. When I gathered all of this stuff together I realize that I had mindlessly gone back to my old purchasing habits. Check it out:

Banana Republic Dress, $30 ($70 minus $40 in coupons)
Banana Republic Gold Sandals, $79
Faux Louboutin's, $156
Straw Hat, $78
Black Old Navy Dress, $15
Green Old Navy Tunic, $15

Total: $373

So I'm WAY under budget this month, probably because I was SO over budget last month I reigned myself in. But I forgot my purpose: Buy great stuff I'll keep forever. In this lot, only the hat seems like something I'll keep for years to come. The shoes are great, but I can't wear them much becasue they're so high. And the rest is just ok.

Looks like May was a FAIL, hopefully I'll do better this month.

May Donations

I must say, it's getting harder and harder to eliminate clothes and I still have a TON. I may bring in the help of a stylist for the June closet edit.
It may be good in a way, I'm definitely liking more of what I have in my closet, and dressing better, but I still could slash another 33% of it and be completely well dressed.

To the goodwill, from left to right:

Kimichi Blue strapless floral dress - around $60, not at all flattering
Mossimo brown shirt dress - $30 from Target, not as cute as the black one and I don't need two.
Victoria's Secret beach coverup, $40, smocked top is too tight
Black 3/4 sleeve tee, nothing special, I have better layering pieces
Black and White Ruched Tee's from BCBG - these were $60 each and I thought they were cute, but they were always riding up and I was tugging at them. No fun.

Next month will be harder....but I'll still do it!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I feel good today!

I was going to be lazy dressing today - it was damp and overcast, I was late - but at the last minute I rallied and pulled together something that I thought was really New Yorky and cute!

The top is a black silk tunic that I usually wear over skinny jeans to go out, today I tucked it in to a Banana Republic slate blue skirt. Put on my grey structured heels and threw on a mixed metals necklace that I got at The Limited a year or so ago. Finished it off with a side braid. I rarely try anything with my hair but today it was too humid not to put it up and the outfit felt like it called for something more than a ponytail.

BR Skirt, $59
Kimichi Blue Silk Tunic, $80
Limited Necklace, $30
Nine West Shoes, $120
Kate Spade Purse, $450

What do you think?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Green shoes!

Casual today but wanted to break out some summer shoes. I feel fun in this outfit! Yay!

BCBG white ruched blouse, $90?
Banana Republic skinny jeans, $89
Marc Jacobs Green Slingbacks, $250 on sale
Kate Spade purse


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Must Not Miss!

Eugenia Kim for Target. Hats are so hot right now and these are unique and adorable, and her stuff normally sells for $300. I'm getting the brown Fedora.
Watching The September Issue and loving all of the fashion. Couture is art to me.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bought the Fakes!

These arrived the other day and they are pretty spectacular.

Upon close inspection, you can see a few sloppy seams with a bit of glue here and there, but over all they are pretty solid. The only bummer is that I don't speak metric and had no idea that 100mm was 5 inches. WAY higher than I ever wear. I'd have to say I would shop that site again for a pair to wear to a party that were spectacular.

Now that I see the quality is good, I can go forth unafraid. That's if I can find any pairs with less than 5 inch heels.

All Aboard!!

I'm not getting on a train, but I am headed for my annual girls' spa weekend in Scottsdale, AZ. It's really just about the four of us relaxing and catching up - away from work and family. It's a tradition we all love. Normally I check luggage, but this year I was determined to change my overpacking ways. Here's what I packed...

3 swimsuits and coverups
3 day outfits
3 night out outfits
pjs and underthings
1 pair of sandals
1 pair flip flops
1 small purse

I have to say I can't believe it all fit in!!! I think not packing high heels made it happen. When you wear a size 10 a heel takes up a lot of suitcase real estate.

Look for pictures of me and my ladies, being fashionable in the desert!

Wednesday's Child

It was H.O.T. today so I went with a simple cotton shirt dress that would be cool and still look nice. This dress is a black Mossimo tie-waist shirt dress I got at Target awhile back for about $30-$40.

You may remember I have the same one in brown. No way I need both and the black feels cuter while the brown feels more like volunteer-zoo-worker-mom. Brown is headed to the donate pile.

Wore my Cole Haan gold hurache heels ($338) today to brighten up the black. Hilarious I wore the same shoes with the brown dress. I guess we do get into ruts! Could have used a big pop of jewelry though, don't cha think?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back to Work Tuesday

Back to work in the New York heat and I threw on something easy today.

Banana Republic skirt ($60)
Kate Spade blouse ($128 on sale)
Cole Haan Bacara Flats ($138)
Hair courtesy of super muggy weather

Holiday Weekend - Monday

Was headed to a rooftop pool party with a super casual vibe so I wanted to reflect that. It was not a place to be overdressed - the pool was inflatable and people had super soakers. So I ended up mixing patterns to have a little fun.
This purple tank is from the Gap and i picked it up last summer for $40 tops. the Denim Skirt is also Gap I think, but I can't remember. Think it was around $70. I love the easy fit of this skirt, but it needed an ironing before I wore it. I couldn't be bothered so I wore it wrinkled and all.

White/Cork flip flops are from Banana Republic and are a year or two old. Probably $70.

I felt cuter than this picture looks - I need to get a new pose!

Holiday Weekend - Sunday

This is the dress I picked up from Banana Republic for $70, along with the gold sandals which were $79.

On the model - this dress looked city-chic, but on me it might look a little frumpy. What do you think?

Holiday Weekend - Saturday!

I don't have an outfit to show for Friday because I didn't leave the house and my pajamas are nothing to write home about. But Saturday I recovered from my travels and jetlag and went out to enjoy the beautiful summer weather in New York! 87 degrees is my kind of temperature.

This little dress is from Trina Turk and i bought it a few years ago for $350 I think. Every summer this is one of my staples. I love the print and the cut, it's soooooo comfortable and it has pockets, which I love! I've definitely gotten my money's worth.

The gold sandals are new from Banana Republic and were $79 . I'm not sure I've shopped there since I started this blog, but I had some coupons so I took a look and found these shoes that were cute and wearable. (I also picked up a dress - see Sunday's post)

Another way to wear it...

On Thursday I had a flight and wanted to try something different but still comfy. I took my Old Navy cover up and turned it into a tunic. I like my belt here, but it's too big for me now and I need to get a few more holes put in. A tighter cinch would have made this outfit better. But I still think it worked!

Old Navy Tunic ($15)
BR Skinny Jeans ($89)
BR Cashmere Cardigan ($178)
Hermes Belt ($585)
Cole Haan Bacara Flats ($138)

And yes, I did pay $585 for a belt years ago when I was throwing money away, but it's a classic that will never go out of style, and at least it's reversible so it's like two belts.

Fun Cover Up

Kim and I picked up these easy cover ups at Old Navy for about $15. Cute and summery.