Thursday, June 10, 2010

May Purchases

This month really surprised me. At first, I was very hesitant to shop and bought nothing until the middle of May. Then there were a few random purchases that I wasn't really thinking about, plus the faux Louboutin's. When I gathered all of this stuff together I realize that I had mindlessly gone back to my old purchasing habits. Check it out:

Banana Republic Dress, $30 ($70 minus $40 in coupons)
Banana Republic Gold Sandals, $79
Faux Louboutin's, $156
Straw Hat, $78
Black Old Navy Dress, $15
Green Old Navy Tunic, $15

Total: $373

So I'm WAY under budget this month, probably because I was SO over budget last month I reigned myself in. But I forgot my purpose: Buy great stuff I'll keep forever. In this lot, only the hat seems like something I'll keep for years to come. The shoes are great, but I can't wear them much becasue they're so high. And the rest is just ok.

Looks like May was a FAIL, hopefully I'll do better this month.


  1. I think you ate being a little too hard on yourself. Summer clothes are meant for a season, right? There has to be some disposibility to them. You've got to give yourself a break, girlie!

  2. Ps. Gotta love auto correct on the iPhone.

  3. i agree with lori, sometimes you have to have a few things to just wear for the summer/season, and the fact that they cost less makes it better. :)