Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Today's look

It's still cold out, but, with the help of a sleeping bag coat I was able to wear a skirt today without worrying about freezing to death. Long puffy coats are not flattering but boy do they work!

Boyfriend sweater: The Limited, $55
Dot Skirt: Club Monaco, $125
Tights: Hue, $16
Boots: Naturalizer, $150

Love Me some Blanket Sweater

this sweater was on the expensive side, but I sure do get a lot of wear out of it. It's just so darn cozy. Plus it has good coverage so I can get away with jeggings at work without showing too much booty.

Sweater: Laurie B, $195
Printed Tunic: Urban Outfitters,$58
Jeggings, Juicy Coture, $125
Boots: Charles David, $250

Rocking the Bird Shirt!

So this is my first wear of the Kate Spade bird shirt. Since it's 80 below zero out I layered it with a brown turtleneck, but maybe that looks a little frumpy? I'm going to try it next tucked into a patterned skirt with navy as the main color to do that whole "mixed prints" look. Wish me luck!

Kate Spade Blouse: $265
J Crew Tissue Turtleneck: $40
Banana Republic Skinny Jeans: $80
Nine West Boots: $100ish

Monday, December 20, 2010

Barney Dress is back.

Maybe I look like Barney the Dinosaur, maybe I don't, but I can tell you that this dress is cozy and effortless for winters in New York. Not sure I'll ever get tired of this one!

BCBG sweater dress: $250
Hue tights: $16
Steve Madden boots: $120

New Dress!

This is my new Tracy Reese dress and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Her stuff is just fabulous. This was $365, but I've already worn it twice and plan to wear it for New Year's Eve. I also think that if I switch up the belt, this will be a nice summer dress to wear to a wedding or something. The style is a little bit 50s, and when anything has a vintage look it's likely to not go out of style. THIS is a great example of how I should be shopping - a high quality spurge that pays for itself!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kate Spade I love you!

Just had to stop by and spend my 10% off coupon today and picked up the lovely bird blouse. I've had my eye on the jacket as well, but it's quite pricey. Part of me feels I should go for it - thanks to Chanel tweed jackets never go out of style! - but the other part of me still can't get over the price.
What's a girl to do?

Where have I been??

Would you believe "in a coma"? I wouldn't either. Truth be told it's just been work and the business of life getting in the way of my blogging lately. And I was actually home sick all last week so it would have been pictures of me in mismatched pajamas with greasy hair and a bright red nose.

This outfit was from one of the days when I wasn't deathly ill, and though simple, I like it. Plus I think it makes me look skinny. I've eaten so badly these last few weeks that next year's blog should be about doubling my wardrobe by dropping some pounds! Then all of my pants will fit!

Gap True Straight Pants, $50
Club Monaco Cardigan, $150
French Connection Tee, $35
Alfanai Striped Wedges, $120

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

October Puchases....Off the Wagon

This is what happens when I stop using my iphone budgeting app...I lose track and go overboard. Here's what I got last month from left to right:

Grey Blanket Sweater: $195, Laurie B
Purple Cotton Romper: $10, Bali Street Vendor
White lace dress: $110 in Bali at Uluwatu
Striped sweater: $42, at Urban Outfitters
Thin white tunic: $54, at Urban Outfitters
Tweed Bow Skirt: $160, Anthropologie
Green Silk Shirt: $70, at Express
Sequin clutch: $25, at Express
Black Wedges: $79, Nine West
Black Beret: $24, at Urban Outfitters
Brown wrap sweater: $56, at Express

Total for the Month: $825 Over Budget by: $75.00

While I hate to be over budget, I'm really just more disappointed that I ended up with only basics. Maybe next year I'll only buy one designer item a month and leave it at that. I certainly have the basics covered.

Last Week's Wardrobe!

I was taking the pictures...just had zero time to post due to work. All of these outfits seem a little blah in retrospect. And it's certainly nothing new. Am I failing at my challenge? Or are these just comfy work clothes.

Also - the horse dress is not that unflattering. Just the angle - never shoot up!

Jeans...Love 'em and hate 'em.

Going through my closet this week I decided to take a look at my jeans situation. I feel like I only wear three pairs and can't really fit into the rest, but on further examination, I found that that isn't really true.

The first photo is the array of jeans I have that I can fit into. Two pairs of Hudsons, a pair of skinny Sevens, a pair of Joe's, two Banana Republic skinnys, on pair of gap boyfriend jeans, one pair of American apparel skinnys in black, and a slouchy pair of Citizen's of Humanity that feel like pajamas.

The second photo is the jeans I don't fit in. A worn in pair of Seven's I love, A pair of Banana Republic skinnys in the next smallest size down, That pair of Paige Premium's that still haunt me, a pair of Lucky's that look great when I can put them on, and I added in the Banana Republic navy chinos I bought too tight in the hopes of losing a few lbs.

I wonder what would happen if I could actually lose the inches it would take to get into the photo two jeans. Something to ponder as I make my New Year's resolutions perhaps. i can't seem to let go of these jeans though so they're not going into the donate pile.

In the meantime - I'm not buying anymore jeans for a while. It's no fun trying tthem on anyway.

Monday, November 15, 2010

New Skirt!

This morning started out a little funky in the outfit department. I was determined to wear this outfit...but with navy tights. You can't see it in the photo that well, but these are my olive green tights. My closet is actually clean and organized right now, and I look in all of the places I thought hey could possibly be in, but to no avail. My only thought is that Paddy, my evil little poodle, has eaten and completely digested them.

Skirt: Hype, $140
Sweater: Zara, $40
Tights: Hue, $16
Boots, Nine West, $50 on sale.

I forgot how much I loved Hype clothing until I went to their site...must collect more pieces!

New Coat!

Fall is in full swing and I realized I didn't really have a mid-weight coat. Just a trench coat, and then straight to puffers. I found this cute little plaid number at Zara for only $140. It has a full cut, which I like since I can wear heavier sweaters under it. It's also very wooly and warm. I think it was a good buy.

October Donations

Here are my October donations - I actually gave a pair of boots and a dress that I never wear to a friend of mine, but since I didn't take a picture I'm holding myself to five items.

First - a black skirt that I last wore in 2001. Yes, 2001. Nearly 10 years in the closet without a wear. It's Banana Republic - one of my early forays before my total clothing dependancy set in.

Next is a grey suit that I bought 3 years ago for a halloween costume. I never wear suits to work and unless I'm an extra on Law and Order someday, I don't see needing it.

Then an olive tank from Banana Republic that has a satin detailing on the front that scrunched up in the wash. now it looks childish.

The striped cardigan is ok, but I don't love it. Really probably too young for me, and not a key piece in my wardrobe.

Finally, had to toss the "somebody in California loves me" tee. Goes against my policy of not wearing ironic t-shirts.

Saturday Night Cozy.

I went out to my favorite place Saturday (Esperanto!) and was wanting a cozy casual look. After all it's a little cold out and I walked there. This fit the bill for me, but the photo is not flattering at all. The angle is a little high, so I look a LOT wider than I did in person - at least I hope so.

This outfit contains three of my October purchases which I realized I hadn't worn yet.

Sweater: Laurie B, $195
Blouse: Staring at Stars, $54
Jeans: Hudson, $160
Hat: Urban Outfitters, $28
Flats: Cole Haan, $138
Purse: Chanel, $2600

Thoughts? Comment's? Photoshop stretching tool?

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I have to say I really do enjoy wearing one color head to toe. I wanted to do a bright shoe but it would have required navy knee socks, which I do not have. The sweater is a new purchase from Zara and I love it. Super simple but a great thickness and texture.

Sweater: Zara, $40
Jeans: Joe's Jeans, $167
Boots: Bronx, $150
Scarf...no idea, but under $20 - only wearing to keep warm!

Warm For Wednesday

This is actually a picture from January 5th, but I wore the exact same outfit yesterday and didn't get a chance to snap a photo so here it is. Not much has changed!! Although I guess my hair is a little lighter. I'm going to get it done this weekend - maybe I should warm it up for winter.

Sweater Dress: BCBG, $250
Tights: Hue, $18
Boots: Steve Madden, $120

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Terrible Tuesday

The outfit isn't terrible, but the day sure has been. I'm just laughing in this shot to mask the tears. Kidding...but I'll be happy when this week is over for sure.

Pulled out a blouse I haven't worn in a while and remembered that I hadn't because I wanted to get it altered. It really needs those little hooks sewn into the shoulder that attach to your bra to keep it in place. I think most dresses and blouses should have this feature, but it's only about $5 to add at a tailor and well worth it. Otherwise this top slides off one shoulder and is a little more "date night" than office appropriate.

Sweater: Banana Republic, $176
Blouse: Anthropologie, $98
Jeans: Hudson, $176
Boots: Miz Mooz, $78

Monday, November 8, 2010

Rainy Monday

Today is going to be a rainy blah Monday so I wanted to have a little fun. I looked for some color and tried to mix and match items a little. I think I turned out a cute outfit, though maybe the skirt is a tiny bit short. Oh well, I'm rocking it!

Sweater: Old Navy, $24
Denim Mini: Mossimo for Target, $25
Tights: Hue, $15
Socks: Target, $5
Boots: Charles David, $250

Rain. Blergh.

Last Friday - Polka Dot Day

Friday I was feeling pretty ho-hum, so I thought I'd dress cheerfully and see if that worked. It didn't but at least I didn't look as blah as I felt! Still pleased with the purchase of this dress. I will wear it for years. the shoes are one of my October purchases - just some simple black wedges for work that are sure to get a ton of wear.

Dress: Anthropologie, $258
Cardigan: Ann Taylor, $58
Tights: Hue, $15
Wedges: Nine West, $80

Last Wednesday - Favorite dress

This dress is probably 4 years old and I still wear the hell out of it every winter. It's an I.N.C. dress from Macy's that I bought for about $60. Normally I'm not a fan of I.N.C. as their materials are poor and tend to make even the cutest items look cheap and hang poorly, but this dress seems to be the exception to the rule. It's also super easy to wear - just add tights and boots and you're out the door!

Sweater Dress: INC at Macy's, $60
Tights: Hue, $15
Boots: Steve Madden, $120
Necklace: One of a kind, a gift.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm Baaaaaaaaack!

After a super long (and much needed) vacation in Bali, I'm back to NYC and my blog. It was odd getting dressed today. For the last 10 days I've worn a cotton dress or romper, flip flops, no make up and a ponytail. Now I'm in 45 degree weather instead of 85 and I had to get dressed...in layers. As I posted this photo today I realized the outfit is almost identical to the last one I posted. We are creatures of habit aren't we?

Blanket Sweater: Express, $70
Silk Military Shirt: Express, $70
Jeggings, Juicy Coture, $125
Boots: Nine West, $100 ish

Two more months to go and my experiment will be finished!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Monday!

The weather is holding in the 60s so I threw on a basic outfit this morning that I knew would be cozy. I'm a little under the weather today so couldn't bother getting too fancy. Maybe tomorrow I'll be feeling better. This isn't so bad though. And I got a compliment on the blanket sweater.

Blanket Sweater: Express, $70
Printed Blouse: Banana Republic, $56
Skinny Jeans, Banana Republic, $80
Boots: Nine West, $100 ish

As far as the blouse - should I keep it? I never know if this top is cool or hideous. Would love to know what you think.

Thursday Luncheon

Thursday I took a break from lunch to meet Kim at our favorite lunch spot - ABC Kitchen. Knowing I was going to a Jean Gorges joint made me want to look at least a little cute. I'm glad that I put some effort into it, since we did run into Jake Gyllenhall. And by "ran into", I mean we stared as he walked by to his table.

Sweater: The Limited, $50
Black Cords: Banana Republic, $80
Striped Wedges: Alfani at Macy's, $120

Wednesday Dinner

I took these photos before heading out for dinner - so they're not the greatest. I did one with flash and one without so you get the idea. This is my first wearing of my blanket sweater from Express. They are supposed to be a top trend this Fall/Winter and I love anything big and cozy so I'm pretty happy. And the navy sequined tank dressed it up for night. It was a great purchase - it gets tons of wear. And, if you haven't noticed, I'm already back to my fall winter staple: skinny jeans and boots. Hopefully this season I'll learn to mix it up.

Blanket Sweater: Express, $70
Sequin Tank: Express, $40
Skinny Jeans, Banana Republic, $80
Boots: Nine West, $100 ish

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mixing up the patterns.

Since yesterday's outfit was a little streamlined, I decided to be bold today. i am not great at mixing patterns and prints, but I think I'm learning. I just got this sweater at Urban Outfitters yesterday, and I wanted to wear it today, but decided to make myself do something different. I think it looks good, but I'm not 100% confident. The cream stripes in the sweater seem a little too light? But maybe I'm over thinking it.

Pins and Needles Sweater, $42
Tucker for Target dress, $35
Bronx Boots, $150

What do you think?

September Donations.

I gave away a lot this September. Tried to keep my self honest and not put anything into summer storage that I didn't love. So off goes 4 dresses, three tops and several pairs of shoes. Still somehow my closet is FULL! I need to get some help in the editing department.

Monday, October 11, 2010

September Purchases

Pinky Otto Jumpsuit: $84
Two Express tops: $90
2 pair tights, one pair Jeggins: $77
2 tucker blouses, 2 tucker dresses: $60, and $80 respectively.

Total: $391

Breakthrough of the month - taking back the gorgeous Kate Spade heels that I truly could not afford and would really hardly wear. Sad, but that's $408 I can spend elsewhere.

PS - can't find a pic of the black express sweater, and figured the tights and jeggings (in grey) are self explanatory.

Military Monday

I swear these pants are so not me but I just love them. Today I pared them with a new silk top I got from Express in the style du jour: military. I'm really happy with it. Feels simple and sophisticated and on trend. And my inner voice is not chirping that the pants make me look fat. I can't really explain my love for these pants. They may not even be flattering, but I'm blinded! I think the gold accessories are essential to this look so I went bigger on those.

Silk Blouse: Express $70 New Purchase!
Denim pants: Habitual, $198
Gold Necklace: Banana R., $70
Wedges: Tory Burch, $265
Gold Oversized Watch: Michael Kors, $250

Last Friday - Cozy like PJs

This is a perfect fall outfit. Cozy, while still looking put together. Black is slimming too. Love it!

Ann Taylor Dress: $35 (super markdown)
Leggings: $30
Banana Republic Sweater: $60
Cole Haan Flats: $138

What do you think?

Friday, October 8, 2010

More Tucker...

Still loving the Tucker line. this is a simple blouse in a cream color that I got for layering with dresses this winter. $30 is a great price for this. Added accessories for outdoors, but it had a more simple look indoors. Both I think work for me.

Silence and Noise Green Tweed Jacket$ 80
Scarf: NY street vendor $5
Michael Kors Bag: $198
Hudson Jeans: $176
Tucker for Target top: $30
Miz Mooz boots: $78
Hermes Belt: $585

Monday, October 4, 2010

It's been a while....

And I'm STILL loving the Tucker for Target pieces I bought. This little dress was on $40 and it was perfect for a layered look to the movies and dinner. Just screams fall. I may actually splurge and get a silk Tucker dress from the actual line.

Dress: Tucker for Target, $40
Cardigan: Zara, $70
Knee highs: Target, $5
Suede Boots: Nine West, $50 on final sale
Manhattan Bag: Louis Vuitton, $1500

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Tucker for Target

This dress was one of my Tucker purchases and I really like it. It felt a little bare for work, so I threw on a fitted navy tee and wore navy heels to match. Can't wait to wear thin in the winter with boots and tights and a big chunky sweater.

Navy Tee, Banana Republic, $35
Tucker for Target dress, $35
Tory Burch heels, $268

Thoughts? Has anyone else scored some Tucker pieces?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rules are Made to be Broken!

Kim and I decided that October 1st was the absolute soonest you could break out the tights, but today I just felt like it.
Although to be honest, part of it had to do with the top. My latest rule is that nothing new goes in the closet until I wear it. I bought this top on September 2nd and 20 days later it was still sitting there. I'm still glad I bought it. It's a flattering basic and - although it's hard to see in the picture - it has sequin details on the shoulders.

Sweater, Express $50
Skirt, Banana Republic $75
Jacket, DKNY $600 ish - don't recall
Tights, Hue $18
Suede Cutout heels, Aerosoles $70

Tucker for Target

Get ready folks - I bought 5 pieces from the Tucker for Target collection. I love that stuff. Anyway - casual day. I like this look, comfy but still cute. What do you think?

Tucker top, $30
Gap Boyfriend Jeans, $60
Hermes Belt,$585
Steve Madden Sandals, $60 on sale

I think it's cute - but that jutting-hip pose is doing me zero favors.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blogity blog blog blog.

It's official - fall is officially here. I realized this when I pulled out my skinny jeans this morning. Going through old posts I admit I wore them way too much last winter. I'm going to have to get creative this year. Hopefully we'll have a bit of an indian summer so I won't be forced into them this soon!

Pretty standard outfit today. I was really missing the eggplant wedges that Paddy ate a few months ago. They were so versatile and will be hard to replace. Boo, chewy puppies!

Theory Boyfriend Jacket, $375
Marc Jacobs Confetti top, $163 on sale
BR Classic Skinny Jeans, $80
Alfani Wedges, $120