Tuesday, November 23, 2010

October Puchases....Off the Wagon

This is what happens when I stop using my iphone budgeting app...I lose track and go overboard. Here's what I got last month from left to right:

Grey Blanket Sweater: $195, Laurie B
Purple Cotton Romper: $10, Bali Street Vendor
White lace dress: $110 in Bali at Uluwatu
Striped sweater: $42, at Urban Outfitters
Thin white tunic: $54, at Urban Outfitters
Tweed Bow Skirt: $160, Anthropologie
Green Silk Shirt: $70, at Express
Sequin clutch: $25, at Express
Black Wedges: $79, Nine West
Black Beret: $24, at Urban Outfitters
Brown wrap sweater: $56, at Express

Total for the Month: $825 Over Budget by: $75.00

While I hate to be over budget, I'm really just more disappointed that I ended up with only basics. Maybe next year I'll only buy one designer item a month and leave it at that. I certainly have the basics covered.

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