Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Tucker for Target

This dress was one of my Tucker purchases and I really like it. It felt a little bare for work, so I threw on a fitted navy tee and wore navy heels to match. Can't wait to wear thin in the winter with boots and tights and a big chunky sweater.

Navy Tee, Banana Republic, $35
Tucker for Target dress, $35
Tory Burch heels, $268

Thoughts? Has anyone else scored some Tucker pieces?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rules are Made to be Broken!

Kim and I decided that October 1st was the absolute soonest you could break out the tights, but today I just felt like it.
Although to be honest, part of it had to do with the top. My latest rule is that nothing new goes in the closet until I wear it. I bought this top on September 2nd and 20 days later it was still sitting there. I'm still glad I bought it. It's a flattering basic and - although it's hard to see in the picture - it has sequin details on the shoulders.

Sweater, Express $50
Skirt, Banana Republic $75
Jacket, DKNY $600 ish - don't recall
Tights, Hue $18
Suede Cutout heels, Aerosoles $70

Tucker for Target

Get ready folks - I bought 5 pieces from the Tucker for Target collection. I love that stuff. Anyway - casual day. I like this look, comfy but still cute. What do you think?

Tucker top, $30
Gap Boyfriend Jeans, $60
Hermes Belt,$585
Steve Madden Sandals, $60 on sale

I think it's cute - but that jutting-hip pose is doing me zero favors.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blogity blog blog blog.

It's official - fall is officially here. I realized this when I pulled out my skinny jeans this morning. Going through old posts I admit I wore them way too much last winter. I'm going to have to get creative this year. Hopefully we'll have a bit of an indian summer so I won't be forced into them this soon!

Pretty standard outfit today. I was really missing the eggplant wedges that Paddy ate a few months ago. They were so versatile and will be hard to replace. Boo, chewy puppies!

Theory Boyfriend Jacket, $375
Marc Jacobs Confetti top, $163 on sale
BR Classic Skinny Jeans, $80
Alfani Wedges, $120


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kate Spade Kim

I LOVE this green.
Kate Spade, $395

Pants!!! I love them!

Someone commented that I should return these pants and I thought about it, but I'm soooooo glad I didn't! I love these. Not my best photo, but the pants are great. They are loose and well made and the taper at the end is perfect. I feel very chic in them.

The fact that i even bought them was pretty out of character. I pulled them off the rack at the last minute and figured I try them on at home. Normally I wouldn't even look at pants like these for fear they'd make my butt look too big. But they don't, so I'm chalking this experience up to Risk = Reward.

Since they are a new shape for me, I'm looking forward to creating different looks for them. Yay!

Blouse: Banana Republic, $60 a few years ago.
Trousers: Talla by Habitual, $198
Shoes: Sally Wedges by Tory Burch, $268

What do you think of the pants? Any Suggestions on how to style them?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday - Black and Brown?

I've never really been 100% sure these two go together. I mean black and kakhi, sure...but black and dark brown? This morning I thought I'd experiment and give it a shot. Plus I wanted to wear my new black pants! Upon seeing this photo I have a couple of misgivings.

1) I wish I had worn different heels. I have a pair of brown and cream zebra striped Kate Spade shoes that would have been awesome.
2) I wish the detail on my belt buckle was gold tone instead of nickel.

Other than that I'm good with this outfit. Maybe it's a little boring, but it certainly makes me look skinny.

Gap True Straight pants, $50
Limited Cami, $25
Banana Republic Cardigan,$158
Banana Republic Equestrian belt, $40 on sale
Frye Kitten heels, $168
Michaek Kors Oversized watch (a gift)

What do you think - is it chic? Or a snooze fest?

A note on the watch - I felt like it was too big but when I took it to the MK store to exchange it. Ezekiel (the sales guy) convinced me that the Oversized watch was the one to go with. He pointed out that the model in their fall catalog is wearing it in every shot and she's (his words here) a skinny bitch! Ergo, if it's not too big on her, it won't be too big on me. Sold!

August Purchases - Part Deux

These purchases all felt necessary. I was sure I needed black wedges, but I haven't worn them yet. Partly because of the ankle. (Boo to my lack of coordination.) The sandals were to replace two well worn pairs and have gotten a lot of use. And the black pants I did need - haven't found a pair I've liked in years and I have these on today. They'll be a nice alternative to jeans.

Black AK Anne Klein wedges, $60 (on sale)
Steve Madden Gladiators Brown, $60 (on sale)
Steve Madden Gladiators Black, $50
Gap True Straight Black Pants, $50

So, this is all well and good, but it brings my monthly total to (GULP) $1260. That's $510 over budget. Granted I only spent $35 in July, so I'm still okay over all, but I really can't afford to run around shopping like this.

By the way. I'm already AT budget for September. So no more shopping for me until October!

August Purchases - WAY Over Budget.

I actually have to put my purchases for last month into two posts since there are too many photos to support in one post. Eek! Maybe it's because I've been frugal for a month or so, or maybe it was the new fall fashion hitting the shelves, but I went a little nuts. the items in this post are from one trip to Anthropologie that totaled $1040!!!I love everyhting I bought though, except not 100% sure on the green dress yet.

Black Serpintina dress, $278
Hidden Valley Top, $58
Mullany Dress, $258
Habitual Talla Trousers, $198
Twinkle Twinkle Dress, $168

So far I've worn everything except the black cocktail dress (need a special occasion) and the pants (need to be able to wear heels again).

And this is only part of what I purchased. Oh the Shame!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

LOVING this tweed twist.

Definitely going on the wish list for October shopping.
$425 at Tory Burch.

A Girl Can Dream...

$1350 at Louis Vuitton.

New Dress

Today's outfit is one of my Anthropologie splurges. I really love green and I thought this dress would look great in the winter with boots and a chunky cardigan (big for fall), or with tights, shoes and a turtleneck in a variety of fall shades. Maybe with my new green shoes too?

Dress: Anthropologie, $168
Shoes: Steve Madden, $60

When I take my photo at home with a tripod the angle is not as flattering as I might like it to be. I'll have to work on that.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

August Donations

Ok - here's what I gave up in August. White dress from Banana Republict that I thought was cute but made me look matronly in photos.

Black pants from Banana Republic in a SIZE FOUR that I have never fit into and never worn - purchased under the "I'm going to lose 5 pounds" delusion.

Green tank from the Gap what was just super unflattering to my arms, my stomach, my everything.

Black Banana Republic Dress that was too tight to wear to work and too conservative to wear out.

Three pairs of flops - the blue ones from Earth shoes are downright ugly, and the two pairs from Banana Republic have just seen better days and are not so in style any more.

August lesson: Stop shopping at Banana Republic. The stuff does not stand the test of time!!!

Romper + bad backdrop = eh

Squeezing out the last days of summer and wore my DKNY romper ($295) again today. This time paired it with black gladiators ($40 on sale) and my always-in-fashion LV bag. Still, this shot is crappy. I hope I look better in person!


From Kate Spade. $408 after tax (ouch!) but I haven't bought nice shoes in a while. Will totally wear these a lot - they will look fab with jeans because of the colors.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today's Accessory: A flesh colored sock.

You've seen this dress before (Converse for Target,$30 ) , but today I paired it with my blue Cole Haan Bacara flats ($138) for comfort and a sexy compression garment for my ankle. I'm sure the boys will come running.


Kim's Pinky Otto Dress & Dancing Machine dress

The blue sequin dress is Alexander Wang - Jealous!

Dancing Machine

Friday I went shopping with Kim at a little boutique on 9th Street called Pinky Otto. I found this adorable navy and white dot jumper that was 50% off and Kim convinced me to get it. I'm SO glad I did because i think it's adorable and it was perfect for going dancing that evening. No two pieces in the store were alike and they were all the Pinky Otto brand so I feel like I won't see this on anyone else. Plus it's a fashion risk for me, but I really loved it once I got it on.

Jumper: Pinky Otto, $89
Pink Heels: Michelle K, $150 - purchases SIX years ago!
Gold Crossbody Purse: Coach, $150

Unfortunately, those 5 inch pink heels were my downfall - literally. I fell and sprained my ankle and wasn't able to wear anything but pajamas and an ace bandage for the rest of the weekend so no new outfits til Tuesday,

Saturday with Sir Walter Raleigh

Stumbled upon this statue of Sir Walter Raleigh on my Saturday afternoon city walk through Greenwich Village. The fact that Clive Owen played him in the second installment of Elizabeth only makes me more statue-smitten. I, on the other hand, am dressed for comfort. Cute I think, but feeling a little porky still.

Brown Basic Tee: Banana Republic,$35
Denim tie waist skirt: Gap, $70
Flip Flops: Havanias, $24
Crossbody: Hobo, Int., $118

I have dancing plans for Saturday night so will be cuter later.....

Friday, September 3, 2010

Long weekend starts here.

Happy Four Day Weekend! Today I was going for a casual look with a military vibe. The navy sequin tank is new and I love, love, love it. The brown strap you're seeing is a crossbody bacg that should have been in the shot but wasn't. Oh well.

What makes this military? Basically the color scheme, the avatiors and the fit. Military looks best when it's not loose and flowy. What you want to look like is maybe you just helicoptered into some kind of foreign crisis but with a touch of glam. I think this would have been a LOT better if the pants had been more of that military green. These kinda verge on brown. Still works but not as good. I'm on the hunt for a good pair of army green pants. I think this fall they'll be a key piece.

Aviators: NYC Street vendor, $5
Sequin Tank: Express, $40
Chinos: Banana Republic, $60
Flops, Havanias, $24
Crossbody bag: Hobo Int., $118

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kim rocks a rosary.

This outfit is just perfect for summer - easy and polished at the same time. The rosary adds an edge to an otherwise preppy look. As do the numerous tattoos. : )

Looking fab as always Kim!

Milk was a bad choice!

It is so hot out today and I am running out of clothes that don't feel like clothes. I put this little number on - you've seen it before - and the black top is like a magnet for the heat. I was boiling waiting for the bus. The shoes are new though, my Enzo gladiators had seen way better days and these were on sale.

Club Monaco Skirt, $125
Black BR Tee, $35
Steve Madden Sandals, $40 on sale

Necklace is a Tahitian Pearl from my Mom's travels - goes perfectly with the skirt! Thanks Mom!