Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Part of my spring purge. This pile goes to Haiti.

1 pair jeans
2 pair shoes
1 dress
4 tops
1 slacks
3 scarves
2 skirts
1 light jacket
2 purses

- Fashion from my iPhone

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Saddle shoes are big for spring

I can't pull these off since I wear a size 10 and white turns my feet into skis, but if you have a daintier foot I can't think of a better shoe. Cute and effortless with a dress (sans socks) and will dress up the Jeans trend too. Only $125 at Cole Haan, so they'll be comfy too.

In honor of the pouring mess outside...

Some of my favorite Wellies. All available at Piperlime. On a dreary day, plain wellies are plain boring!

Rain is no excuse

But I'm using it anyway. The weather has been absolute crap for the last five days so I've been dressing a little sloppier and didn't have much to post. Today I'm flying for a business trip, so I wanted to wear something comfortable and layered. I didn't put too much effort in this morning, but I think the blazer takes if from ok to cute. I'm telling you...if you don't have a boyfriend blazer in your closet, you're missing out!

Blazer ($398, Theory)
Jeans ($160, Hudson)
Tunic ($58, Urban Outfitters)
Bacara flats ($138, Cole Haan)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Disco Friday!

Who says you can't wear sequins for day? No one actually. In fact I've read several times that sequins are okay at any time really, just in the right amounts. Today I have on a new sequin jacket, but since the color (grey) is somewhat conservative, I thought it would be cute for work. Kept the rest of the outfit simple and wore very little jewelry. The result was lots of compliments! Yay!

Sequin Jacket ($68, Urban Outfitters)
Grey Tee ($18, BR)
Grey/Black dip dye scarf ($40, BR)
Black pocket skirt ($68, BR)
Black Bacara flats ($138, Cole Haan)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This goes to show you that without much time or effort I can look like I did yesterday, or like I do today. Putting this outfit together didn't take any more time than the frumpy one and I feel 100% better. Life is too short to feel dumpy and yesterday's "look" was a confidence sucker. Today, I feel much more like me, and I'm inspired to gut my closet of anything that isn't "useful or beautiful". Spring cleaning will happen soon.

DVF Dress ($130 - massive sale)
BR black lycra tee ($40)
Aerosoles suede cut out pumps ($69)

A note on the shoes - I don't usually shop Aerosoles, but something about these felt a little 40's to me and they worked with a dress I had just purchased at the time. Plus they are great for walking in. Every once and a while, they have a hidden gem in all of their comfortable shoes if you feel like checking in with them.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

All the mirrors in my house must be shrouded.

I could not hate what I'm wearing any more than I do right now. Ugh. Today's fashion statement is: "I am a mid-level clerk at a county office in Nowhere, Iowa and I have given up on life." Dull, frumpy, boring in every way. This outfit goes in the donate pile pronto!

BR top - $65 - two years ago - ill fitting, why do I keep coming back to it???)
BR cords - $89 - also ill-fitting. My friends said they look "comfy"! Kiss of death.
Zara cardigan - $60. Yawn.
Cole Haan Bacara flats in blue $138 - I'll be keeping these. It's not their fault.

Ugh. : (

Monday, March 22, 2010

On Sale at Barney's

Completely Gorgeous Christian Louboutin Very Galaxy - Platine shoes.
$521.93 down from $1,295.00.

I need to win the lottery.

QUESTION: Can I pull off a romper??

I've been dying to try the romper trend but have been afraid I might be too old, or have too much junk in the trunk to pull it off. This one looks like it might be flattering, with the print disguising any bootie issues. What do you guys think. It's only $89 at Anthropologie, so it's a fairly cheap way to try the trend.


The first day of my 37th year.

This is going to be a good year, I can feel it! Case in point, crappy weather and a late morning turned into a bad hair day, then at lunch I found a salon that does long hair blow outs for $29. That, my friends, is a gift from on high for sure.

Today's outfit features a new jacket from Anthropologie. I usually don't shop there - has a bit of a "I do crafts on the weekends" vibe which is not me, but they did have a lot of fun little pieces in the window so I popped in. Got two items - will wear one tomorrow - and this jacket you see today. Thought this was a really versatile piece. Wear with jeans, over a little LBD, with a skirt. And it was on sale!

Elevenses Jacket ($68, Anthropologie)
BR light was skinny jeans ($89)
Naturalizer Boots ($
Nine West black sleeveless tee ($80)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Birthday Sizzle

Who doesn't like to dress up on their birthday? There's no better excuse for wearing a pretty dress.

I'm in a one-shoulder number from The Limited ($90) and Calvin Klein Snakeskin heels ($150).

Kim is in a lovely Phillip Lim Dress and Louis Vuitton shoes she got for her birthday.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Zac Posen for Target

Zac Posen for Target. Dropping like it's hot on April 25th. Take a look at the collection here.

Another White Dress Option

This one's WAY cheaper than my other four options. Only $118 at Anthropologie. The question is....does it LOOK cheaper? Is it as good as the others?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mini- florals are BIG for spring/summer

Pick up the trend for less by shopping Target's Liberty of London line.

Check out the new Easy click comments

At the bottom of each post you can quickly rate each look:

Love it!
Hate It!
Eh...what else ya got?

Then go on to make a full comment if you like!

Should it Stay or Should it Go?

Today's outfit was motivated primarily by my my absolute need... to walk to work. It's 70 and sunny and I'm falling in love with New York all over again. Flats were a must so I picked my comfy Bacaras and practically skipped to work.

Now, the other consideration was this tunic. I wear this a good deal. In winter with a turtleneck underneath and boots, and in spring over jeans It's about 2 years old and I got it on a trip to Target with Theresa. (T, do you still wear yours?) So my question to you this not really worth keeping? I do get wear out of it, but should I? Is it special, or cute? Or does it scream "Art Teacher Smock"?

Let me know what you think - whatever my reader's say, will go.

Here's my outfit:

Mossimo belted Tunic ($30, Target)
BR Fitted Tee ($30)
BR light wash skinny jeans ($89)
Cole Haan Air Bacara Falts in blue ($138)

Kim Strikes Again

Looking fabulous as always in a the springiest little number I've seen in a long time. I think the zip front detail keeps it from being too precious. By Thakoon.


This store has a ton of little dresses that scream summer. This seersucker number with embroidered airplanes is adorable and only $168!

- Fashion from my iPhone

Here's where to buy it! Anthropologie.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Summer Staple

Help me choose the perfect White Summer Dress!
From Top to Bottom....
Nanette Lepore
Philip Lim

Better - and Fun!

SO much better than yesterday! I'm still out of town for business, but this looks cute and professional (Hey, I'm a creative. I can get away with this!) and the Lucky Strike Extra is that it will be ridiculously comfortable for my flight back.
The dress I've had for years. It's Tibi and was expensive, but with the pattern I just never feel like it's gone out of style. Looks nice belted over jeans as well. Two-for!! Plus it has pockets which I love. Hilariously this is a DRESS. If I wear this without tights or leggings it's total ass exposure. Who wears this as a dress???

Tibi Silk Tunic ($378)
Black Leggings ($40ish)
Cole Haan Bacara Flats ($138)

Side note: Tibi is known for great patterns. If you want to adda few unique pieces to your wardrobe, it's an excellent brand to shop.

The Shoe's The Thing.

My friend from work says I may be being too hard on myself but this is not working. Particularly the shoes. They are a little 80's pair that look retro with skinny jeans and a fun top. But with this wrap dress they just look 10 years out of fashion. Plus, wrap dresses are supposed to give you shape and this one does NOT. I think I need about 3 inches taken off the bottom. An above the knee length may make this more fun and less dowdy. But for today - Epic Fail.

BCBG wrap dress ($320)
Limited Black Cardigan ($50)
BCBGeneration Pumps ($90)

This reminds me - I do actually need a fashion forward pair of black work shoes. Like a nice mary jane or a peep toe....all I have are open toe sandals for summer. I feel a mission coming on.

Church Lady

This past Sunday I had the honor of becoming the (Fairy) Godmother of my best friend Julie's new son Isaac. For the ceremony, I went with something a little conservative (it is church after all) and blue in honor of the little baby boy of the day. The dress is one I've never worn before because it was a smidge too tight. And after all the great Tex-Mex over the weekend, I admit I had to pull out the Spanx. Those things are awful I plan to lose five pounds over the next month just to have to avoid ever wearing those again. Torture!

BR Blue Checked Silk Dress, $89
Navy Cardigan with Silk Ruffle Trim (????)
Cole Haan Gold Hurache Peeptoes ($328)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Must Have These Michael Kors shoes

Especially since the color name is "peanut". Love them.

- Fashion from my iPhone

Phillip Lim I Love You

Gorgeous silk, crepe and sequin dress. $895....sigh!

- Fashion from my iPhone

Thursday, March 11, 2010

WOW - This is great.

In my efforts to spend less and appreciate my clothes more, I stumbled across this woman. Fascinating video and I will buy the book. I don't want to be owned by my stuff. Who would?

Check HERE to check it out.
Click straight to the Consumption Chapter to see how this applies to this Closet Case and her fellow shoppers.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring is here!!

Oh boy - 55 degrees and sunny. Awesome. This inspires me to go through my closet soon and purge the heavy winter stuff that I didn't wear and there's a lot of it. I'll do that soon. Now - Tuesday's outfit.

Silk embellished top ($80, Urban Outfitters)
Joe's Muse Jeans ($167)
Marc by Marc Jacobs Green two-tone heels I got 5 years ago from a commercial shoot for FREE! (Retailed $365)

Thought this was cute and simple, but missing the defined waist a belt can bring to it.

Any thoughts on how I could have made this better?

PS- Notice the gold bag? Happy Birthday to me!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Looks

Two looks for Saturday. The day look I thought was cute and fun for running around SOHO. I took the photo with my coat on since that's how I'd be looking. Still too cool to take the jacket off.

Black Cords (BR, $80)
Turquoise Silk Tunic (Kimichi Blue, $60)
Black Ballet Flats (Cole Haan, $138)
Grey Twill Pea Coat (Victoria's Secret, $60)
Black Leather Bag (Kate Spade, $455)

For a party that evening, I had planned to wear a dress. As I was getting ready, I was stressed about running late and in the middle of drying my hair I thought, "fu*k it, I'm going to scrunch it up wet and let it go". It felt a little Debbie Harry so I totally flipped my look and ended up getting a TON of compliments at the party.

Black Silk Tunic (Silence + Noise, $80)
Skinny Jeans (BR, $80)
Gold Necklace (BR, $60)
Teal Suede Platforms (Seychelles, $95)

I was really pleased with this look. The hair is what gave it the attitude, but I think the whole thing worked. I will def do this again.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Just like Wednesday...But Brown.

I guess this really is my go to look. Ugh. Need to get more creative.

Seven Skinny Jeans ($198)
Mossimo Tweed Jacket (Don't remember - but guessing $40)
Mossimo Teal Tulip Top (Don't remember - but guessing $25)
Nine West Boots ($50)

I am going to a party tomorrow night and I will definitely try to be more creative!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Late again!

Just grabbed a never worn dress and threw it on. Figured if I didn't have time to be creative I could at least wear something I've never worn before.

BR Navy Silk Dress ($80)
BR Cashmere Cardigan ($158)
Miz Mooz Purple Wedges ($90)

Not spectacular, but better than a boring pair of jeans I hope.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Super fun summer bag

Is Kate Spade my new Banana Republic??? Say it ain't so!

- Fashion from my iPhone

Hump Day

I was not feeling it today but I think I did okay. Crappy weather + oversleeping is not the best formula for a good fashion day.

Here's the details:
Theory Boyfriend Jacket ($375)
BR SKinny Jeans ($80)
Naturalizer Boots ($150)
City DKNY Tee ($35 , on sale at

The Boyfriend Blazer showed up last spring but its still a totally wearable piece. Worth the $$ for sure.

Thoughts? Opinions? Lemme have them!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I loves you Britney, but no....

Would love to dress my favorite pop-wreck for a year.

Some things are on sale for a reason!

Right now is one of the best times to shop for last season's stuff, and you'll also find last spring's leftovers on sale too. But buyer beware...if an item stays on the shelf that long it's usually not a bargain at any price.

Oh Tory....why??

Do I love this enough to buy it?

Only $148 online at Nordstrom. Too "Ladies Who Lunch?"

Let me know what you think Closet Casers!

I had fun closet shopping today....

This is a pretty simple outfit today but I had fun finding accessories. I really wanted to wear the grey boots today - normally I'd wear this outfit with black boots or ballets - and thought it was either a great match with the blue/grey skirt or a terrible one but went for it anyway. After digging through my closet though I found a belt that I've never worn that seemed to pull it all together. It's a leather one from Target - was probably $20 - and it's hung in my closet unworn for 18 months. The brushed nickel look of the belt hook seems to bring the grey boots in to the outfit and balance out. Or maybe I'm totally over-thinking it. : ) Either way I'm happy with the way I look and I've worn something I haven't before. Win-Win.

Here's the Rundown:
Michael Stars Turtleneck ($80)
BR Pocket Skirt ($60)
Steve Madden Grey Suede Boots ($120)
Target Belt ($20ish)

Love to hear opinions as always...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Today's outfit.

When I am running late, I am my own worst enemy. Today, with 10 minutes to get out the door, I decided to put on a dress I bought 6 months ago off a sale rack and have never worn before. So here it it on sale at The Limited for about $30. Hope it doesn't look it. Add black leggings and my Naturalizer boots and I was out the door. I thought this was a fun outfit, but I may get the 'too young' comment again. Oh well, you only live once!!!

February's Purchases

I'm really happy with almost everything I bought this month. Most happy with the Kate Spade dress, least happy with the grey top which got mixed reviews and was a bit of an impulse purchase. At least it was only $68. So here's the recap:

Kate Spade dress (Super Sale! $198)
Kate Spade Lipstick top ($149)*
Tory Burch wedges ($288)*
Nine West Boots ($50 on Piperlime)
Paneled Sweater from Yamak (Annie c., $68)

* Price includes shipping

Total Spent: $753

Over by $3! Darn that grey top! But not too bad overall. I'm just happy to have my budget back! $75 for March - whee!

February's Castoffs

First off - apologies! I was traveling last week for work, then got pretty sick so I didn't post faithfully. My Mom said I should post a picture of me in my hospital gown (yes it was that bad!) but I couldn't bear to since I looked so bad. Faithful postings from now on.

So here's the crap I rid myself of this month. Again it was waaaaaayyyy to hard. The plaid dress is Old Navy ($16) , flimsy and unflattering, but I was thinking "it would be so cute in the summer with flip flops". That black pair of cords (BR, $60?) is 2 years old and they still have the tags on, yet I wanted to see if they still fit and keep them. What? That's illogical. I am illogical. Into the Goodwill bag they went! The brown cardigan (J. Crew $58) was one I settled for in a pinch and I have always thought was kind of the color of poop. Then there's a "going out top" from Hype ($70) that has served me well but has seen better days. I have plenty in the closet that do the job better. And finally, a t-shirt with illustrations that fall right on the boobs and so turns me into someone who's trying to hard instantly. It was designed by a co-worker and I bought it under pressure a few years ago for $28. I'm not sad to see it go.

Still I wonder, why is it so hard for me to edit? My closet is so full it's frustrating, and I often feel like tossing the lot of it, but the end of the month comes and it's like pulling teeth. I may do a mid month edit just to push myself.