Monday, March 1, 2010

February's Purchases

I'm really happy with almost everything I bought this month. Most happy with the Kate Spade dress, least happy with the grey top which got mixed reviews and was a bit of an impulse purchase. At least it was only $68. So here's the recap:

Kate Spade dress (Super Sale! $198)
Kate Spade Lipstick top ($149)*
Tory Burch wedges ($288)*
Nine West Boots ($50 on Piperlime)
Paneled Sweater from Yamak (Annie c., $68)

* Price includes shipping

Total Spent: $753

Over by $3! Darn that grey top! But not too bad overall. I'm just happy to have my budget back! $75 for March - whee!


  1. for what it's worth...i really like that grey top.

  2. Ah, the grey top...I was wondering about that shirt and I remember reading the "military" comments. You wore it with dark jeans and it did look a little industrial. Is there any way to pair it with something unexpected and get a different effect?