Wednesday, August 4, 2010

July Purchases

Yep - you are looking at the right picture. I only bought ONE THING in July. A striped t-shirt for $35 at French Connection.

I was pretty shocked myself, and was wondering how I went from an average of $1000+ last year to $35 this year. I think part of it is the weight gain (who wants to shop when nothing fits?); part of it was the weather (who wants to shop when it's so hot outside that wearing clothes feels like some bizarre form of torture?); but I also think part of it was the fact that I've learned not to shop just for the sake of shopping.

Nothing really caught my eye in July. It's sort of mid season before the fall clothes come out and I don't need any more summer clothes so I just didn't even find myself looking. I'm really happy about this turn of events, and I'm not rolling over the extra $715 of my budget to August - just putting it into savings.

Castoffs will go up tomorrow - it's getting harder!!

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