Monday, January 4, 2010

Challenge #1: Inventory.

I've decided that this blog needs to be more than a diary - I need to challenge myself to figure out where I'm going wrong if I ever hope to go right. And that first challenge is to actually admit what I have in my closet so this weekend I did a full count. I've posted pictures below, but everything is so crammed in I don't even think I knew what I had...this is staggering, get ready.

63 Dresses
26 Skirts
20 Pullover Sweaters
18 Belts
26 Pairs of Tights
5 Leggings
6 Winter Coats
6 Fall Coats
12 Jackets
4 Hoodies
15 Camis
112 Tops/Tees
20 Cardigans
18 Pairs of Pants
5 Pairs of Cords
11 Pairs of Jeans
5 Pairs of Shorts
26 Purses
12 Pairs of Boots/Booties
24 Pairs of Heels
9 Pairs of Flats
3 Pairs of Tennis Shoes


And that's not even everything I own. That doesn't count my scarves, t shirts, jewelry, and other random stuff including a $350 hat that I've NEVER WORN. I'm grossed out and kind of embarrassed and really want to throw half of it away. It's not even possible for me to wear all of this in a year. I'm not sure how I got here. I need to be on an episode of "Horders: The Closet Files".

And one more time with this time I'm going to use a simple formula, which won't be quite accurate, but it'll get the point across. Let's say I bought all of htis in the last year, and we already know what I've spent on clothes. That's $15K on 442 items of clothing. (442 oh my god that is scary) That means I spent an average of $33.19 per item.

HOW can anyone have style on $33 clothes? Granted, not everything cost $33 but if I had a half the stuff in my closet I could spend twice as much on the item. Or, as a word problem, don't buy 5 pairs of Banana Republic Cords and get a fantastic dress you can wear 5 ways instead.

442 things in my closet? I am not over this yet.


  1. Admitting you have a problem is the first step. I'm inspired to inventory my closet, but I can't come close to what you've got going on.

    My own bad shopping confession: I've never spent more than $60 on any one item of clothing. It probably shows. You are inspiring me to look harder and show my wardrobe a little respect.

  2. Yay! I've got a few people doing inventory now. The great thing is now I know I don't NEED anything - so I have to buy stuff I want/love or nada.

    Also, I think everyone should respect the wardrobe - you feel so much better when you're wearing something special.

  3. I am in the middle of moving to a place with NO CLOSETS (hey it's Paris, so I can't really complain) and hopefully your blog will help me dump all my $33 pieces. If not you are going to be in big trouble and I'll want my money back ;)