Wednesday, May 12, 2010

April's Purchases

Here are my April Purchases and they make me a little sad. Lemme tell you why.

Tory Burch Cherry Dress - I LOVE this dress and wore it twice in April and think it will stay in style for years. $395

Ok - the other dress...I love, but I don't LOVE, and it was an impulse purchase, and it was (GULP) $545 from Anya Ponorovskaya.

So my monthly budget was blown. I spent $940, basically $200 more than I should, and I do regret it a little. I wore the dress once, and it's super flattering. I also think the cut is retro enough to stay in style. But again, I don't LOVE it. And of course - small designer = no return policy.

I've worn it once to a wedding, and it's pretty, but have really preferred to spend it on something else.


  1. I love love the cherry dress. SInce I have seen the black and turquoise one on you, and it looks fabulous, I think that it's a very good purchase. The cut is really fantastic and it's definitely sophisticated.

  2. I've seen the photos of you at the wedding and you looked amazing in that dress. Keep an eye out; It'll grow on you!!