Wednesday, April 14, 2010

March Purchases - Sorry it's late!

Sorry this is mid-April and I'm just putting up March's new purchases. I actually came in under budget at $697, which is great since I'm already WAY over for April. I really like what I got..see what you think. Not too much designer stuff, but certainly better quality and more interest. Let me know what you all think of everything.

Striped Blouse - Anthropologie, $98
Printed Cap Sleeve Jacket - Anthropologie, $69
Sequined Jacket - Urban Outfitters, $68
Confetti Tank Top - Marc Jacobs, $163
Velvet dress - Diane Von Furstenburg, $148.54
Cream Buckles Booties - Nine West, $99

Total for March: $647.09

And lookie, lookie - no Banana Republic in sight!


  1. I think you did a pretty good job. Nothing is boring or basic. And it all seems pretty versatile. I think you may be breaking out of your shell!

  2. LOVING the striped blouse!!!

  3. i LOVE everything here, lady!