Saturday, January 15, 2011

November/December donations.

Since it's for two months, I have 10 items here. Again, it's getting harder to get rid of stuff, but since I had Peter Walsh's anti-clutter show on in the background so I was inspired. He says you should only have three types of clothes in your closet:

1) Clothes you LOVE
2) Clothes that fit you now
3) Clothes that garner you compliments.

I think that's brilliant - if I followed those criteria strictly, I'm sure another 3rd of my closest would go out the door. I'm certainly going to apply them in the future.

Top Row, Left to Right:
Limited dress - looks frumpy
Banana Sweater coat - again, frumpy
Fuzzy Sweatshirt jacket - I'm not 12
Black Banana Republic Sweater dress - shapeless
BCBG halter dress - v. old, has snags, etc

Bottom Row, Left to Right:
Tibi Dress - too floaty - looks like a little girls dress on me
Limited dress - only worn once, have plenty that are better
Old navy cord vest - never ever worn this
Flannel shirt - never wear
Ann Taylor sweater - never wear, not flattering on my current belly situation

This represents at least $1000 worth of clothes. Some got a LOT of wear, some none at all. I'm sure I'll miss none of it now that it's gone.

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