Saturday, January 15, 2011

Last Post...What I've Learned

I can't believe I've stuck with this - although somewhat irregularly - for a year. I think I sort of met some of my goals...but the real news is that now I have new ones.

When I started, I wanted to stay at $750 a month (which is a shocking $9000 a year) and I did do that, coming under by $1400 for the year. But now my goal is to not spend that much on clothes again. I have a lot of stuff, and If I just get one or two designer pieces per season, I can build an awesome wardrobe over time.

I also wanted to spend my money on better clothes, and kick my addiction to Banana Republic. In that respect I've done pretty well. Barely shopped at Banana at all this year and have added some nice pieces from Kate Spade, DVF, Tracy Reese and Phillip Lim to my wardrobe. However, I do think I mostly relied on cheaper mainstream clothes. I still couldn't bring myself to by an item over $400. It just seemed toooooo expensive. But I was still spending the money, so I should have been stricter about the pieces I added.

Finally, I wanted to discover my own style and on that count I think was a big success. When you have to record what you wear everyday, you tend to mix it up. I also found my self shopping for more color and prints, and hitting up Anthropologie, which I used to consider too quirky for me.

For 2011 I have new goals.

First, I'm saving to buy an apartment, so clothes seem a little less important to me now. My money needs to be going to creating a home for myself.

Second, when I DO buy something, it's going to be something I LOVE, that FITS and that GETS ME COMPLIMENTS. I'm also going to apply that rule to my clothes when I put them away after winter - anything that doesn't fit those criteria is gone.

And the ultimate goals: Get down to one fricken' closet and own a classic Chanel tweed suit. Hey, a girl can dream.

Thanks to all of my readers for going on this journey with me. Have a fantastic 2011!

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  1. hello nice the meet you...How did you spend your Christmas day?

    and.. how did you spend your happy new year?